Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Work Space - Part Two

With everything that's been going on here lately I forgot to mention that the terrible state of my work space that I wrote about back in July has been fixed. I have a fabulous, newly painted and fitted out work room.

I'm so embarrassed about the old room - I can't believe I worked in that mess! I now have new cupboards, Shelf unit, desk and chair. Nearly everything fitted back in with the exception of my wool stash which is boxed up in the utility room. I've promised myself I'll keep this room tidy now!! Haa!


  1. Hi Gillian, I have searched for the other picture of your workspace and it is indeed a big change :-)
    But I liked the chair in your messy workspace!

  2. Hi Gill,
    What a luxury, your workspace looks absolutely wonderful. Got no room here, I still do everything at the family table. One day...when the kids leave home I'll have a room for myself. But till then it's just a dream.

  3. Que suerte tener este espacio, tan amplio y bonito. Felicidades.