Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Needle Felting at Last!

We'd thought about it for a long while, we'd bought the book, some wool, needles and mats so today Oly and I made ourselves a cat each. Just the ONE cat each and they took all day! We nearly missed lunch and I couldn't come home until mine was finished. Maybe we're a bit slow or too meticulous but we had expected to have made a few more animals after 7 hours!
It was really good fun, we really enjoyed making them although we both started off with a strange shape looking more like a duck, then a penguin, a dog.... but finally they started to adopt the right posture and the right faces for cats - well, we thought so, maybe wishful thinking but we are really happy with our first ever attempts and despite a few stray finger jabs here and there, neither of us drew blood!
Here is my little cat, he's very tiny so as I couldn't use beads for eyes, I jabbed in some green wool. His little pink nose looks a bit like a pig from the wrong angle but he's been welcomed by the children, even if the little girl is being rude to him!
He sits just over 1" to the tip of his ears.
We used the book 'Little Felted Animals' which is a great starter book with loads of different animals to make. We scanned the pattern page, reducing it roughly to1/3rd which made it a bit easier to make dollshouse size. Oly made the standing cat which turned out lovely. I'll try to get her to show him on her blog.
Bye for now,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea Shop 'Cake' and 'Bake'

I wanted the word CAKE for the Tea Shop and so I made the letters from polymer clay and glued them to a piece of wood, then painted them a couple of times.
 Then I made BAKE for the bakery and it sits above the preparation board Kaisa made for me.
I had trouble with JILLY as the 'I' and the 'Y' have such small bases they kept falling off when I tried to paint them, plus the paint was a bit thick which didn't help.
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

More work on the Christmas House!

The blue and white tiles I bought in Fuingirola are perfect for Santa's bathroom.
I decided to put in a false wall at the back as the room was too big and the sloping ceiling difficult. Now that I've halved the size of the side wall I've decided I can live with the bit of blue and silver wrapping paper on the right side wall.
I started this house several years ago when my youngest son decided he didn't want a dollshouse any more. I thought I'd make it a fun Santa House for children (prospective grandchildren) to touch, so filled it with cheap furniture and any Christmas themed doll or ornament.
Along the years I added nicer bits and now it's rather a mix of allsorts and I'm also feeling a little possessive about it, not sure I want little fingers in there!
I made Santa a snowflake mobile and filled his bath with plastic bubbles.
I jazzed up the cheap bath suite with bits of silver bling.
Once I make a toilet roll and holder all we need is Santa! I had Santa made for me by www.worldofmyownminiatures.co.uk about 15 years ago! Every Christmas I feel guilty that poor Santa is waiting for a bath!
Well, here he is!
Caught in the act - dropping his dirty clothes on the floor!

Enjoy your bath Santa!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

I'm one of those people who plans the next project before I finish the one in hand and consequently this leaves me in a mess with lots of work started and loads of stuff everywhere which can't be put away because it's in use!
As Oly left for a holiday she suggested I finished some of my projects. Wise words indeed - and I did just that!
I boxed up some chocolates. The boxes are 5/8" in diameter.

I also made up 150 rolls of fabric ribbon which had been waiting forever!
Here are a few. The reels are 5/16" in diameter.

 I sewed 100 cushions which I'd cut out and I sold most on Etsy!

When Oly returns we want to try needle felting so I must finish a few more things by next week!
Have a good week, whatever you're doing.