Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ribbons, Hearts and Baubles!

I'm pleased to tell you that the problem with my printer is solved - it was a faulty ink cartridge. I was so happy to be able to print again. I made loads more reels of fabric ribbon.

While the printer wasn't working I made some hearts to hang using cold porcelain.

And I've really been feeling Christmassy! Normally I'm never ready for Christmas so this year I started earlier.
You can never have too many baubles!
The cone candles are fun, I've made them in all colours! Other candles in this photo I made last year. My Christmas collection is getting bigger!

Also I've made Christmas cushions.

 Some of these new things are for gifts, others will go on Etsy - some already are - and I've even got some for myself!
I'm having a fun weekend, I hope you are too.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Miniature Birthday Gift!

I have to share this present with you! My friend came this morning, (she's the other member of our miniatures club) and gave me a lovely, detailed, handmade birthday card and a teeny box. Of course I just love teeny boxes because they're bound to hold one of my favourite things - a miniature! The box was beautifully decorated with fabric and ribbon and lined with embossed paper. (As you can tell I'm one of those people that plays with the box rather than the gift!). Anyway, inside was a fabulous, hat made in subtle mauves, decorated with silk ribbon, fairy lace and roses. I loved it and my friend said 'Well you should, it was in your favourites on Etsy'. How brilliant is that? Here is the hat.
It was made by Margot of
I was so amazed to see the hat and learn that Oly had gone and looked at my Etsy favourites, knowing that I'd just love my present!
Later she took me out to lunch, we did a bit of shopping and then back to mine for a 'play' in my work room. It was a lovely way to spend a birthday with my kind and thoughtful friend. Thank you so much Oly x.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Desperately Need Printer Help!

My new printer has now run out of magenta ink so I've put in the new ink cartridge which is a genuine replacement, not a copy but I keep getting a message telling me the printer doesn't recognise the cartridge!!!!!
I've tried everything, removing it, replacing it, switching off and on again, unplugged it over night and started again but still have the problem! I'm about to throw the printer out the window or kick somebody!!! It won't even let me scan or photocopy.
Does anyone know what I can do? I need HELP!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Gifts!

From April right through the summer I seemed to be travelling or when at home there was a stream of family and friends visiting for holidays which was wonderful. My 'patchwork friend' who I've mentioned before came over for the first time and also the first visit from the twins and I loved every minute.
I 've been to England to meet up with cousins I hadn't seen for almost thirty years, we had a picnic and enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Richmond Park meeting each others families for the first time. It was very special for me as my mother came. She's now frail and doesn't go out any more but with a little persuasion and a borrowed wheelchair she came and thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone again. She went home content with some happy memories. She is wearing white, sitting next to her great grandsons in their buggy. Next to her was the 'birthday girl' my aunt who was 96 on that day!
There were 37 of us, with four generations.

I also went to North Wales where we bought our first motor home. Wales was beautiful and sunny every day.
This is my husband in Wales.
We spent two weeks driving the camper back, through England where we stayed two nights and our family spent the day with us. They called us 'Glampers' as we're Glamours Campers, not actually roughing it under canvas and have the luxury of our own bathroom!
 The twins loved our' little house'.
Then off to France which was so pretty. Every house looked like a dolls house, we'll definitely return and explore some more in the future. One night we stayed here next to this mariner.
We drove across to Northern Spain
 here at San Sebastian and then down to Southern Spain where we live - and the poppies were everywhere!

Between visitors we drove to Portugal for a trip which was a longer stay than expected as we had an attempted break-in and although they didn't manage to open the door, they damaged the lock, which broke our key when we opened the door. That key opened everything so we were unable to leave as we couldn't fill up with fuel or water or get to the sanitary system. Fortunately we were at a very nice camp site with all amenities so were very comfortable while we waited for the spare key to be sent to us from home.
 Rio Rojo, the Portuguese Red River which was actually much redder than in the photo.
After a few more sets of visitors we flew to Barcelona at the beginning of September for five days as our 60th birthday presents from my stepdaughter. What an amazing place! We took so many photos of so many beautiful places that I can't pick just one so I'll show you this shop I liked.

Just four days after our return we flew to England for the twins Christening!

Sometimes I woke up wondering where I was, even after I'd returned home!
Now I'm pleased to say my feet are on the ground - well on the floor under my desk where I like them to be because it means I'm making miniatures and blogging again.

This brings me to the point - ha, eventually! I received a surprise package from Caterina in April. She posted me some beautiful blue country design miniatures and although I found the time to thank her, I forgot to show you on my blog! Here, at last....drum roll.... are Caterina's gifts to me.
One of her handmade trays and a rusted jug but also a tiny, readable version of 'Little Women' that I told her I enjoyed so much as a child. Thank you, Caterina, always so thoughtful.
I'm hoping you haven't fallen asleep reading this - I wandered off miniatures a bit, into real life!
Enjoy your Sunday,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandma's Birthday Tea Party

It's Grandma's birthday and she's having a tea party with her grandchildren.
She doesn't seem to mind that they are naughty.
She bought pretty plates for the cakes and party hats for them all to wear. Ha ha! Poor Grandma, the children are quite a handful!

Here is the pretty party set I designed.
There are paper place mats, plates, party bags, pointed hats, containers for crisps, cookies or sweets and little drinking cups or cupcake wrappers. The sheet has a party set for 6 and if you'd like to make some for yourself leave a message here, then send me your email address if I haven't already got it and I'll send you this sheet.
Let's party!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kaisa's Little Cradle

I've heard from Kaisa that she received the bedding I made for her so I can now show them to you.
First a tiny mattress
A bottom sheet and pillow
A top sheet
A crochet blanket
And a toy rabbit
The cradle is so tiny it took no time to make these things so I sent some clothes for the new baby as well.
Thank you Kaisa for another enjoyable swap.
Happy Friday everyone!