Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is a Friend?

Friends enjoy each other's company, they help, encourage and share laughs. They are generous, grateful, dependable and appreciative. Oly and I were all of these today!
We went to the 2nd Andalucia Miniatures Fair in Fuengirola where we encouraged each other to buy the things we knew we really shouldn't but wanted anyway, helped make important decisions like whether we needed just another doll or not, depended on our friend to look after our bags when we went to the 'ladies', laughed like naughty children when we knew we'd spent too much money but didn't care, I drove and Oly generously bought lunch. We appreciate the advise on matters like whether we want something in pink, blue or both but most of all we are grateful to have a like minded, kind friend to spend a happy day doing what we both love so much - miniatures.
Here is a photo of Oly and me at the fair.
Ha ha! I couldn't resist these little girls from Eli of they have leather shoes, sweet dresses and so much character! They don't look like friends though, do they?
I'll post more photos later, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend as much as me!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Patchwork... and Bird Sand!

My friend popped in this morning and I was able to show her the patchwork of tiny hexagons I've finished at last. I mounted it on a cover as I didn't want to make any more little hexagons, they really are too small and fiddly.
Later, in the garden I was busying myself at the table, my husband walked by, opened his mouth as if to ask a question, closed his mouth, shook his head and walked on. He knows me well and has come to understand that any strange thing I might be doing is connected to miniatures.
Why else would I have a table filled with plastic boxes, kitchen sieves of different grades and a plastic spoon? I was happily sieving bird-cage sand of course!
Now I have a small container of 'large' pieces and two tubs of fine sand. (One for my friend, as always).

Next weekend is the dollshouse and miniatures fair in Fuingorola, Malaga! Today we spoke of little else, very excited!