Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Beach Shop and More Summer Cushions

My favourite thing to do is make cushions and my favourite kind of cushion design is summer.
A pile of new seaside cushions.
The Beach Shop is now well stocked.

Summer fun at the Beach House. What could be better?

I hope you're enjoying the sun too,

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Beach Shop and a Bead Curtain

I have tried not to make too many new miniatures that I don't need and have been quite successful, although I did make some new cushions because I'm really a cushion fan as they can change a scene dramatically. Naturally, I made beach related things because it's that time of year again and I love summer!

I made some new signs for the beach shop. The little 'Beach House' is new. I can see I have serious amounts of space on the shelves of the Beach Shop, I need to make new stock!

This big sign was going to be fixed to the side of my Beach Hut but I actually like it here, for now, anyway.

And the most exciting of all for me is the bead curtain I had pondered over for a few years.
I finally sat outside, feet in a bowl of cold water to stop my brain from boiling in the heat, and made one. I love this selection of beads, they are the colours of the sea, sparkling wet seaweed and sand.
The beads were a necklace I bought in Accessorise last year for £10. I felt guilty while the girl carefully wrapped them in a protective layer of tissue, knowing that when I got them home I intended to cut them up!
It took two weeks to thread the beads, make them all the same length and fix them to a wooden strip without them falling off. The hardest part was to fix the first bead well enough to take the weight of all the other beads. I tried jewellery cement but actually found white glue easier in the end.
I made a pelmet to hide the fixing bar and glued a door behind it to make it look realistic enough for a rear exit from the shop, straight to the beach!
The glass beads hang beautifully and are heavy enough to swing realistically. All it needs is a gentle breeze......
I hung them up yesterday and they stayed up overnight! So far so good.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Decoupage Chair

Take one normal, basic type of chair and make it look different. I've seen this done beautifully in full size and thought, 'Why not give it a try?'
I printed some pretty paper I found on a website and with Mod Podge I did this!

This is the paper I used, found on The Miniverse

I shrank the design using Photoshop and printed six squares. Tearing the paper doesn't work in miniature so I cut it into lots of tiny, random shapes and used a small brush to paste them down.
I let it dry overnight then sanded very lightly and gave the whole chair a coat of Mod Podge to seal it.
I'm very happy with it.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Miniature Carrier Bags

Just for fun, I made carrier bags this week.
I have no idea where I shall keep them all but as I am finally refilling my displays after all the real life redecorations I shall find homes for a few as I have several shops.

In real life, I am a carrier bag hoarder. Maybe my little people are too.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Party Dress Cushions

Having seen the ballerina cushions for little girls, with their pretty net skirts I just had to make a miniature version or two .... or 10!
With Christmas very close I made a few of the dresses, suitable for the Christmas party!

Which one shall I wear tonight?