Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basket of Flowers

Like a broken record I'm frequently heard saying I don't like making flowers. I ordered some kits from Pascale as I'd admired them on blogs and thought I'd be able to make some.
I started on one kit and then a year passed......
Oly encouraged me to take the kits from the back of the cupboard and yesterday  we made half each of two more kits. We were thrilled with the results and we now have a few Margarita's and peonies each. I have to thank Oly for her help and Pascale for her beautiful and detailed flower kits. Here are mine in a basket.
Now I hope to finish the poppies I started last year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kaisa's Birthday Swap - Rosella

I'm sure you have heard that Kaisa organised a birthday swap for this year.
Rosella had the first birthday, in February and Kaisa has now posted photos of all the gifts.
Although everyone shipped their gifts in good time, so far only half have arrived.
These are what I sent to Rosella on 23rd January. She is still waiting for their arrival.
The late gifts will hopefully help to extend Rosella's birthday celebrations.
If you are having a birthday this week, Many Happy Returns to You!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cushions Again!

I just can't keep away from cushions. I've managed to make 40 cushions this past week and got some orders together as well. Here are a few of them.
These are all cake related - yum!
These are trimmed with pink
These are trimmed with blue
I always seem drawn back to cushions! I love making them and in return they make such a difference to a scene.
I hope your weekend was better than mine; I had migraine-again, I hope it wasn't the cushions!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Underwear Stand for the Ladies Shop

I've always admired Marlies tiny creations especially her underwear. I bought some from her a few months ago but didn't have anything in the Ladies Shop to display it properly - until now!
Last night I made this stand and today I made the hangers.
 I've given each style of undies a name.

On the bottom of the stand sit a pretty pair of slippers that Marlies sent me to match the Sylvie set.
On top of the stand is one of Marlies corset sets and with such a pretty box.
Now I need more underwear so I made a set - not so easy as you might think!
Bras are really tricky to make but panties are a bit easier. I made these three a few years ago, they finally have a home!
Now I have the stand I need even more pretty underwear to fill it.
The secret to making the stand - Plastic lid from butter or similar.
Cut the lid in half.
 Cut the edge from one half
Draw round the shape onto mountboard or thin wood and glue the edge round it.
This will be the top as the edging forms a ridge and stops the hangers from slipping off.
Paint the other half of the butter lid white, this will be the bottom.
Cut a piece of thicker (approx. 1/4" thick) foam core or wood the width of the lid by 4 1/2" high for the back. Glue the three pieces in place and hold in place using books or something similar to keep the stand square until it's completely dry..
I used Tacky Glue but any you prefer will work. This is not strong enough for children to play with.
I hope this might be useful.