Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thimbles and Dollmaking

I'm trying to get a few things in here as I keep remembering things that I wanted to mention. Continuing with the haberdashery shop I thought you might like to see one of my little thimbles. The big one I've used for all my sewing since I was 12. My aunt brought it back from her holiday in Toledo. The mini thimble was made by Danny Shotton.
Danny Shotton also made these cotton reels and date stamp.
I bought them at a fair but you can order his work from Swann House Miniatures
I've been struck again by migraine this week so rested the eyes but last weekend I did manage to dress Gertrude (you remember she was naked in my last post?)
 Her skirt is from a curtain off cut.

I bought Gertie's hair clips from the Chinese shop, also her engagement ring which is a 'belly-button' ring, her earrings and her belt - which is a bra strap!
She wears a real gold necklace with 'G' for Gertrude (which was mine but I let her borrow it) and the chain is an ankle chain! Yes, I did wear one in the 90s! I painted her nails with fabric paint. I think she looks very glamerous. I hope I look this good when I'm her age!
I'm off for early to bed, so good night!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zips, Art Dolls and - Christmas?

Another buy from a few years ago which I just found amongst my hoard of useful stash in my most embarrasing, messy drawer were these pressed metal zips which I bought from The Dollshouse Mall
Glue each one onto a piece of ribbon for quite an effective look in a work basket or hung on a card with your haberdashery. Here they are on a real size zip.
 Oly and I did wander off subject for a while during the summer as we were excited about trying to make some cloth art dolls. Oly has made several for gifts and they get better and better as she goes. My first attempt is ok and I'm giving her to my friend who collects fairies. Here is Titania from the book by Jan Horrox.

She was fun to make and a relief from the intensity of making miniatures. Now I'm working on another doll; this one is to be a gift for my mother! She's called Gertrude and she's one of the 'Slightly Weathered Ladies' by Jill Maas. Excuse the nudity!
Now, I'm planning Christmas, can you believe?!! Kaisa has asked me to swap an Advent Calendar with her. I'm really looking forward to choosing all the little things for her to open.
Christmas seems a long way off from here - we have yet another beautiful, sunshiny day!
Thanks for calling in,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gift Shop

I'm rearranging the gift shop - yet again. This time I've moved in a bigger table.
On the wall to the right you can see the lovely oil painting I bought from Sandie who sells her beautiful work on etsy.
On the right of the table is the set of three wooden desk boxes I bought at the online dollshouse fair from Alma and Lia of Vilia Miniature.
I've made some new boxes of scented drawer liners. There are several diffent colours and designs. They will go on Etsy when I return from my 'rest'.
These are my latest tea towels.
Today I've been making up these little boxes for sweets.
I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interior Design Shop Front

Going back a few years - to 1992 - I made this shop as a club project. We built our room boxes from wood and then decorated and filled them. There was a huge assortment of shops; toys, grocers, china store, sweet shops and even an undertaker's! Mine has battery powered lights with the battery holder behind the front door in the fake entrance.
It was fun to make furnishing fabrics and rolls of wallpaper, matching roller blind and my first frilled cushion.

 This photo has a little glare on the glass but you can just see my little rabbit patchwork cushion.
 This has been displayed for 20 years and has travelled to four different homes with me. It was the easiest of my houses to move!
I hope your week is going brilliantly!