Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Tickets

At the weekend a new idea popped into my head. I didn't really want to make anything new as I have so many unfinished projects to work on but I had to grab the idea before I forgot it.

Every mini Santa Grotto needs a ticket dispenser to avoid a riot outside - and anyway, I just thought they looked pretty in my Christmas display - as I haven't got a grotto - yet......
Actually I sold this box on Etsy straight away so I have to make another one for my Christmas display, and one for Oly of course!
The beautiful wooden tree was made by Bertie who also makes all kinds of gorgeous bowls and vases.
I can feel a Christmassy mood creeping on!
I hope you're having a happy week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Buggy

Sometimes I make impulsive purchases of children and babies although I haven't got a nursery or baby shop. Last week I bought a buggy from Gill Red Bloor of Teeny Tiny Things for no real reason other than I fell in love with it. Isn't that how collections start?
Here is the beautiful buggy with a sad little toddler. I hope she cheers up a bit now that she has a new pram.
And Gill is selling her prams and buggies at a discount at the moment!
We have sunshine this week, I hope you're having sunny days wherever you are.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Needlepoint Slippers - Finished!

I'm very pleased with myself as I've finished these little slippers that I started to make almost two years ago!
They are stitched on silk gauze from a kit by Bobbie Schoonmaker of Micro-Stitchery
  They actually don't take very long to make but as those who know me understand that I do flit about a bit from one thing to another.
Needless to say Oly made hers in a jiffy and then made a second pair!  At least that's one more project finished and I can start something else now! Maybe I'll try and finishe the beautiful flower kits I bought from Pascale.
Have a good week!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fluffy Bunny and Paper Furniture

It's normal for me to put down what I'm doing and change projects like a flash when I come up with an idea, and I did it again yesterday. I came across these lovely resin rabbits while shopping and decided I'd try to apply fur to them. They are a bit big for 1/12th but I can use a rabbit for my Easter display.
The white rabbit is 1 3/4" high and I started with him as I had some white fur trim I've had since the 80s.
It's Paton's acrylic and cotton fur trim and I don't think they make it any more. I'd like some in other colours now that I've found a use for it! I cut the fur from the backing and glued on in small pieces overlapping the rows.  
I gave him a hair trim as I worked and then finally gave him a neat haircut. Here he is after his makeover!
There were other animals which are a little too big but the dogs are perfect so I got these too!
Now, I'll show you my 1/24th paper furniture, hidden at the back of my cupboard, I found a little box full that I made with Oly during one of our club days. We found the patterns on the internet. I was keen to see whether I could make a whole dollshouse from paper. Here are some kitchen units
 The bedroom chair is really strong and I love the cabinet with opening drawers!
 These are the office items.
Some nursery furniture and a little dress.
My favourite paper sofa, upholstered in silk!
I've changed my mind about making a paper dollshouse but it was fun to make these few things.
Thank you for stopping here, I hope you're having a good weekend,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Eat Cake Miniatures and a Giveaway!

Hi everyone, I want to tell you about a relatively new blog by Natasha. You can find her at http://eatcakeminiatures.blogspot.ca She makes the most fabulous, inspiring miniatures. Here are a few photos of her recent work.

 Do go and take a look and help boost her numbers for her giveaway!
Thank you,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Basket Mouse House

The first miniature scene I ever made was in a small basket. It's a mouse house.
  The light comes in through the basket but in the winter it can be chilly!
Not to worry, Mummy Mouse has wool to knit some thick jackets.
 Little Mouse hides from his mother.
The basket measures 12" wide
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Patchwork and Bedsteads

Today was Dollshouse Club and Oly came to my house where we sat at my desk, sewing and gluing, and sorting through our stash. I started a new patchwork, something easy on the hands because yesterday I started making an 'Iron Bed'.
This is as far as I got. I drew a pattern on paper, sellotaped the uprights to the paper to keep them still, then twisted and twirled wire - easy? Yes, fairly easy to make one scroll but very difficult to make another match. Then to make four or eight that all look acceptable and something like the same - not easy!
When I went to bed last night my hands, wrists and arms were aching! So today I did miniature patchwork and gave my hands a well earned rest.
We have rain, rain and more rain here so it's been nice to cosy up in my workroom with a good friend and play.
Thanks for calling in!