Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miniatures Overflow

Hi, thank you for stopping here again.
My houses and shops are full but still I make and collect more. I desperately needed somewhere to put all the homeless miniatures. At the beginning of the year I bought four tall, narrow cupboards and have since been searching out all the hundreds of treasures that have been waiting to be displayed. I was shocked at how much I found, tucked away in boxes all over the house and in the garage, for example, there were 17 beds!
My houses have kitchens but I have all this as well! I can't resist plates and cookware.
My nursery collection is somewhat random but I need shelving and furniture.
The wicker furniture I bought 11 years ago in Sant Maartens for 3 dollars.
I made these 1/24th scale things from paper printies found on-line.
The beginnings of a Men's Shop.
My Spanish collection and a bike that I yarn-bombed!
Flea market corner
Easter collection.
Sorting all this should keep me occupied for quite a while. At least everything is now out - except for all the beds!
I hope you're all enjoying your week,
Gill x