Friday, August 7, 2015

Autumnal Mini Patchwork

Another post about patchwork I'm afraid.
I wanted to make one in reds and yellows for Autumn. The sides of the hexagons are just under 1/4". This one measures about 4" x 3 1/2" and will lay nicely on top of a single bed. I haven't decided how to finish the edge.
I used scraps given to me by my friend from when she makes her full size quilts and I cut the hexagons in the middle of large flowers to make small sized ones.
I'm now designing a quilt for some very pretty lawn I was recently given by a lovely lady who reads my blog. I hope I can do it justice.
I hope you all enjoy a happy weekend,

Friday, July 24, 2015

Beautiful Garden Floral Quilt

A clourful garden of flowers inspired this latest patchwork.
The fabric was finer and the sewing was easier. I edged it with a simple buttonhole stitch.

I'm ready to start another one!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tiny Hexagon Patchwork

I fell instantly in love with a Moda pack of fabrics with tiny prints which I decided were perfect for my next hexagon patchwork with sides of just 3/16".
I was wrong. I didn't consider the open weave or the thickness of fabric. Even as I began work and realised my mistake I couldn't give up. The fabric frayed terribly and I was unable to stop the fraying without putting in a lot of extra big stitches to catch the threads and hold them in place. I did put it away for a few months but this weekend I managed to finish it and it will lie on top of the bed in the little Victorian bedroom.
 Can you see Annie hides her money under the mattress!
The fabric made the cover too thick but I backed it and then crocheted a dainty cotton lace edging with sewing thread and a size .60 hook.
I've done as well as I could with the material but so glad it's finished. I've learned my lesson, loving a fabric isn't good enough reason to use it!
I've now started another one using scraps given to me by my friend who does full size patchwork. She used to throw away her tiny cuttings until I told her I can use scraps as small as 1" square!
Thanks for looking,

Friday, July 10, 2015

Who Doesn't like Pretty Things?

I can't resist pretty things and this sofa is one of my favourites. Made by Jill Lucas with matching cushions. Shown here with some of my cushions in the middle.
And speaking of cushions, these are a few new ones I've made, my little homes always need cushions!
It's Friday so I wish you all a happy weekend,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lost Bunting!

Somehow, during the move I've lost my union jack bunting, surprisingly it's the only thing I've lost (so far)!
I've been practicing a new display for the Gift Shop.
It's Monday, a new week and hopefully, new ideas and new miniatures!
Have a good week,
Gill x

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fresh Fruit.

I don't know whether you are familiar with Bel and her fabulous miniatures. I found her quite by accident and just had to have some of her realistic fruit.
I'd had a turned wood fruit bowl for years, standing empty and the fruit was just what it needed.

You can find Bel on FB Here or on her own web site Bel
Here the fruit bowl is on the sideboard in my new 1940s setting. Still a lot of work to do, such as stain the bare wood sideboard. The beautiful bowl of tulips is from The Flower Lady, crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
I've been back in England over four months and all this time I've been unpacking miniatures. Now at last I'm starting to make up the room settings again.
Sandwiches by Amanda Speakman, porcelain by Veronique Cornish
Pansy crochet mat by Frances Brown, white crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
Moving home was hard but I'm enjoying discovering every single one of my miniatures again!
It's Friday so I'll wish you all a very good weekend!
Gill x

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mini Doll and Cushions!

Somehow I'm drawn to making cushions and I never stay away for long, it must be my love for fabrics and the need to see it made up.
I made a few today in the sunshine.
 I also made another mini doll.
Time to make real size dinner, I forget about food when I'm making minis!
Gill x

Friday, June 5, 2015

Mini Dolls

I finished these two little ladies today. It's surprising how many things I use to make these, plus a lot of mess of course!

They are going to their new homes very soon.
It's Friday and the weekend again, have a good one whatever you're doing.
Gill x

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Day at the Kensington Dollshouse Fair!

My first visit in 11 years, I was excited to say the least!
I wasn't disappointed, so many stands full of wonderful, hand crafted miniatures by such talented artists from all over the world.
I managed to spend all my money and some more on my card but I did have a few years of carching up to do!
I was looking for kitchen furniture and bought these from Rob Lucas.

And this from Apollo Miniatures which is huge and will go on the back wall of the Tea Rooms.
Long handled dustpan and brush and bucket from St Leger for the Seaside House
Also from St Leger this amazing WORKING whisk!
 The Flower Lady was there and I bought these.

Halls Miniature Clocks makes fabulous working clocks but has added some resin modern clocks and radios so I got this pink one for the Tea Rooms to keep the baker happy.
Also couldn't resist this little heart shaped bowl by Elisabeth Causeret of Poteries Miniatures.
I've bought yet another child but can't remember who from! She has poseable arms and head. If anyone recognises her, do let me know!
 And just to add to my hugely over crowded children section I bought another pram! This one is a twin version from Thimblemins. The bag opens and has nappies inside.
I thought I had enough cakes until I saw this one, made by Teresa Martinez of Tinyter Miniatures. It's perfect for my Spanish table.
This bakeware is by Le Mini di Pier Luigi from Italy.
I just love these by Carol Cook! They'll go in my country kitchen. A pot of dripping and a jar of calves foot jelly!
I hope you enjoyed the little tour and that you're having a good weekend.
Gill xx

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Big Changes!

Thank you for dropping by again.
I'm now quite settled into my new life back in England, having made a gigantic move from Spain last month.
I had to leave so much behind, including many dollshouses and my new display cabinets!
In order to make the best of what I did bring with me I've decided to close down the antique shop.
The builders have started work already.
Hopefully it will become a new showroom very soon!
I hope you're all having a good week,