Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Plates for the Tea Rooms

My Tea Rooms needed some nice plates. I couldn't expect the customers to eat from inferior, paper plates any longer!
I bought some beautiful plates from Sofía on Etsy. They are all so gorgeous I couldn't decide which design to have - so I chose all different!
I like the odd china kind of look so these will be perfect!
As usual I started changing things and decided I didn't like a lot of the cakes I'd made (some of them 20 years ago) so had a complete clean out of the Bakery Shop. Now it looks tidy but very empty!
The pretty rug was a gift from Flora.
I now have lots more room for new things.
The plates will be used upstairs in the Tea Room, after it also gets a good clean up!
The lovely cupcake plate and Tea Rooms cake stand also by Sofía.
The books on the table were gifts from Kaisa.
The book rack was made for me by my dear friend Bob who died earlier this year.
The cupcake posters were gifts from Oly.

I'm planning a good weekend, I hope you do too.