Monday, June 22, 2015

Lost Bunting!

Somehow, during the move I've lost my union jack bunting, surprisingly it's the only thing I've lost (so far)!
I've been practicing a new display for the Gift Shop.
It's Monday, a new week and hopefully, new ideas and new miniatures!
Have a good week,
Gill x

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fresh Fruit.

I don't know whether you are familiar with Bel and her fabulous miniatures. I found her quite by accident and just had to have some of her realistic fruit.
I'd had a turned wood fruit bowl for years, standing empty and the fruit was just what it needed.

You can find Bel on FB Here or on her own web site Bel
Here the fruit bowl is on the sideboard in my new 1940s setting. Still a lot of work to do, such as stain the bare wood sideboard. The beautiful bowl of tulips is from The Flower Lady, crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
I've been back in England over four months and all this time I've been unpacking miniatures. Now at last I'm starting to make up the room settings again.
Sandwiches by Amanda Speakman, porcelain by Veronique Cornish
Pansy crochet mat by Frances Brown, white crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
Moving home was hard but I'm enjoying discovering every single one of my miniatures again!
It's Friday so I'll wish you all a very good weekend!
Gill x

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mini Doll and Cushions!

Somehow I'm drawn to making cushions and I never stay away for long, it must be my love for fabrics and the need to see it made up.
I made a few today in the sunshine.
 I also made another mini doll.
Time to make real size dinner, I forget about food when I'm making minis!
Gill x

Friday, June 5, 2015

Mini Dolls

I finished these two little ladies today. It's surprising how many things I use to make these, plus a lot of mess of course!

They are going to their new homes very soon.
It's Friday and the weekend again, have a good one whatever you're doing.
Gill x