Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Modernisation for the Victorian House

After two years of deliberation I have made the decision to modernise my Victorian dollshouse.
There are two voices to be heard here, 'No don't do it!!' and 'Why not, it isn't genuine Victorian'.
It is a sad thought that 25 years of work and love are to be destroyed but I wasn't enjoying it as much as I did. It is dull to look at, has very dark rooms, the furniture is dark and drab and the rooms too small, especially the kitchen.
My real life changes meant I had to part with several dollshouses so finding space for a new one isn't an option, so I'm sticking with this well made, strong George Parker house and revamping.

I'd never been happy with the shop because it was too dark to see into and the kitchen so small it was impossible to make it look interesting.
I began ripping off wallpaper and realised how dirty and stained it had become, just like the real thing. I started pulling down the decorative ceiling and they practically fell down. Ten years in the hot climate of Spain had dried up the glues. Most of the glass fibre parquet floors pulled up easily. Now that the walls and floors are uncovered you can see the copper tape wiring exposed. I hope it still works, I haven't plugged in the lights for a few years but now I have access to it all and can rewire where necessary and add or change light positions.

Many of the interior walls felt loose due to the drying out of glue and with a bit of wiggling and then brute force I was able to get most of the interior walls out.

Now that I've started I've got to keep going with the knowledge that I can make it look beautiful again.
This was my first house and was Victorian because that was the style that was largely available in 1990. The inexpensive, imported furniture was all dark wood and perfectly suited but in my heart I wanted modern and started making modern miniatures. I began filling room boxes and selling my modern miniatures at Dolly's Daydreams fairs whilst continuing to buy Victorian for my house. The response to the modern was amazing, I had duvets and carpets, cushions and decorations in styles from the 50s, 60's and 70's and 80s as well as current styles. The feedback from customers was encouraging as I realised many collectors were stuck in the past with Victorian, Georgian and Tudor. Naturally I had to have a modern house as I was making so much and had become really keen to keep a record of current styles and not just replicate history. I ended up with eight dollshouses, one a 1960s beach house which I still have but I have parted with all the others.
I was never brave enough before to change the Victorian house but now my space is limited I feel justified in doing it.
Watch this space, it can only get better!