Monday, December 31, 2012

Teapots and Robins

You may recall back in October that I bought some little Christmas ornaments from Susan Howarth. I liked them so much that I bought three more from her just before Christmas. I just love these little teapots and the robins are so cute!

My Christmas house is so full that I've started a new Christmas scene and these look just wonderful in it.
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. Mine was perfect, spent with family. I thought you might like to see my youngest grandson on Christmas Day.

Friday, December 28, 2012

All the Other Advent Gifts!

I had to decide whether to open all the advent gifts before I went away for Christmas, which felt like cheating, or save them for when I got back from my family Christmas. I'm so happy I saved them as I had a wonderful time today, opening so many!
These are all the other gifts from Kaisa.
Littlekits for lots of buildings and cars.
Two mugs. One with a photo of my dog, and proving Kaisa has a great sense of humour, the other has a photo of me on my scooter wearing a helmet!
 For the little baker some very useful recipe books.
 A great shelf unit! Very useful, just what the bakery needs.
 To complete the set, another fabulous bag!
 Some nature posters for the children's room.
 I think maybe Kaisa's little girl helped make this gift with her lovely artwork! There is even a tiny eraser,
And , oh my goodness, Kaisa has made me a desk and seat! The desk opens to hold the papers and pencils.

Very thoughtful maps of England and one of Spain!
 I was so surprised to see that Kaisa had these cards printed for me! What a thoughtful and generous gift!
 And look at this! Kaisa is so good with her saw. It has such a lovely, detailed back and the shaped mirror just finishes this fabulous dresser.
 It's been a great swap, exciting and fun. Thank you so much Kaisa, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Swap Day 13

The walls in my Tea Rooms were sadly lacking - until today when I opened Kaisa's gift and discovered five gorgeous vintage look posters! I didn't have to give any thought to where these patisserie themed posters were to hang and so put them up straight away!
The fifth poster  for Coca Cola looks wonderful in the Antique shop!
Thank you so much Kaisa, I love them!
Today I sent Kaisa this little jacket and hanger. I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent Swap Day 10, 11 and 12

The days are rushing by, I can't believe I've opened 12 gifts already!
On day ten Kaisa made me a calender which is printed for every month.
Day eleven I received a kit to make a children's card game, so sweet and tiny!
Today, day twelve I couldn't believe - another gorgeous designer bag! This one has a leather shoulder strap with a working buckle which I just had to try and it really opens and closes!
Like a child I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Thank you Kaisa for such an exciting variety of gifts.
Take a look at Kaisa's link if you want to see what I made for her.
Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Swap Days 8 and 9

This carefully made designer bag  was my gift on day 8. It perfectly matches the purse Kaisa made for day 7 and today I opened the shiny black notebook which is so tiny but really opens by sliding off the elastic!
Amazing work by Kaisa. Thank you. X
I sent this Cushion and matching fragrance sachet yesterday.
And today Kaisa will have opened this party set.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Swap Day 7 and Cans for the Home Baker

Even in mini life our little mothers are rushed off their tiny feet at this time of year. Now there is help! Quick toppings and pie fillings to speed up the baking and free up some time in the kitchen.
 There are cake toppings in all flavours, Marshmallow Cream and Raspberry Pie filling
My little housewife has no qualms about making her life easier.
Now she has more time she's going out to buy her Christmas gifts and she's taking her beautiful new purse that Kaisa sent for me to open today.
Thank you, I love this purse!
Today I sent fabric packs to Kaisa.
It's now the weekend again, I hope you have a good one.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Swap Day 6 and Freebies on my Etsy

Today I opened this sweet Christmas mug. Kaisa has printed a design all the way round.
 It will look lovely in my Christmas House. Thank you very much!
I sent Kaisa a collection of sparkly Christmas candles.
I've been working on several things this week. I've made lots of Christmas cracker boxes.

These are to be given away on my Etsy. One cracker box free to every customer, plus free shipping on all purchases over $15 to anywhere! This offer will run until January 6th 2013 - one whole month!
Thanks for calling in!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Swap Day 3, 4 and 5

I'm a bit slow getting on here to show you my Advent gifts so here are three days together.
On day 3 Kaisa sent Paddington Bear reading books for the girls, I hope they will now stop making a fuss about their chips!
 I sent Kaisa some drawer liners.
Yesterday was day 4 and I received a very useful catalogue from Kaisa. You can also see the baby rattle which arrived with the mug, I forgot to show you.
I sent for Kaisa a pack of gift wrap.
 Now it's day 5 and I opened some warm felt boots! Very thoughtful and much needed in the chilly house.
Kaisa will open her gift to find these patisserie cushions today.
It's very exciting to swap and even the children are happy! (but I think they'll soon start arguing over who wears the boots)
Have a happy day!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Swap Day 2 from Kaisa.

Kaisa's gift today is a take-away snack for my dollshouse children, what better than a Pepsi and chips for Sunday lunch?
 I'm sorry the children don't seem very grateful. When I told them they were having McDonalds for lunch they thought they were going out to MacDonalds!
 Well at least I'm grateful, thank you very much Kaisa, the chips are lovely! Yum!
This is what I sent to Kaisa.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Advent Swap

Now I'm getting excited. December is here, it's the run up to the busiest time of the year for so many of us miniaturists, especially when we're involved with a Christmas swap.
This year Kaisa asked me to do an Advent Swap with her! It meant making 25 gifts for each other.
This is what arrived from Kaisa! Wrapped in her favourite Tilda paper.
There in the front is No1 which I opened this morning to find this tiny mug which Kaisa has so thoughtfully personalised with the faces of my twin grandsons!
This is Harry.
And on the other side is Oliver!
I hope my photos are good enough for you to see them; the mug is so tiny!
Such a thoughtful gift Kaisa, I love it! Thank you!!!
this is what I sent to Kaisa.

I'm having a great Saturday, I hope you are too.