Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Party

Painting miniature tables and baskets didn't go according to plan. I did make a start but since then have been snowed under with real life size tasks largely due to the fact we live in Spain.
Residing in Spain puts us on the top of everyone's holiday list - to visit, well the family's list, that is and I have to admit I love it and enjoy preparing for guests and looking after them. But it does involve extra shopping time, bed making, cleaning - cleaning? What's that? And a drive of an hour and a half each way to the airport to collect and then again to drop off.

This week has been the week of my husband's birthday, so apart from the family guests we've also had a riotous garden party with friends, entwined with noisy football watching, agonisingly childish antics in the pool and far, far too much food and drink - especially drink. My favourite 'fizzy pop' was on special so there was many a bottle of that consumed along with all the other bottles and cans of whatever and the sangria my husband made - I dread to think what was in it but three large jugs were downed.

Today has passed in a flash. Despite the help I had, I wasn't finished getting the house back to anything like normal until 4pm this afternoon when I needed to lie down! All I've done tonight is cook a meal and I'm ready for bed again.

I'll get the tables done tomorrow - and we'll eat out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Magazine can be a Wonderful Thing!

I've been visiting my offspring and despite my dashing madly from one place to the other faster than the speed of light in order that everyone feels suitably visited, I'm feeling remarkably relaxed and unstressed! I was staying with my dear daughter and she bent over backwards to look after me, and her soon to be 'other half' is an excellent cook so I was almost sorry to leave!
Four days away from my miniature making I may well have had serious withdrawal symptoms if it were not for her digging deep into their wardrobes and supplying me with endless 'sewing jobs' as she puts it.

Flying forces me to sit and 'do nothing' as they won't allow me to take on board knitting needles, saws, scissors or the like so I bought a magazine and although I'd made up my mind before hand that I would be bored with it in minutes - I was wrong! Suddenly my head was back in 'miniature mode' and I was readily absorbing ideas for new projects!
How to 'Make It Small' is what I think when I hatch an idea and that is how I came to use this name for my website several years ago, although it's a shambles at the moment - but that's yet another hobby, isn't it? I'll get around to it one day when I have nothing to do.......ha!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Day

Being confined to the house due to having the electrician here to do some work is an excellent excuse (as if I really needed one!) to spend the day in my work room cutting, sewing, gluing and designing new ideas, all of which I have done today.
The sun was pouring in through the open doorway, providing perfect light and fabulous warmth.

Tomorrow I plan to paint a table and some baskets - whooop! I'm easily pleased.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Successful Fair

For my friend and I the Dollshouse and Miniatures fair at Nerja was a massive hit. Like two eager beavers we had arrived an hour and a half early, ensuring ourselves a parking place close to the venue.
I always promise myself that once inside I'll look at all the stands first, then go back to those I really liked and buy something. It never works and true to form I had spent 55€ at the first stand.
By lunch time both my friend and I had spent all our money and I'd walked up to the high street and maxed my visa card for the afternoon spend.
Having to stop for the customary siesta break here in Spain it enabled us to eat, rest and drop our loaded bags back to the car, starting the afternoon refreshed and eager to spend again. And spend we did.
It was busier in the afternoon and very hot but we managed to stay until it was time to drive to the airport to pick up my husband and with no more than ten euros between us. I'm too embarrassed to admit how much we spent but the stall holders did very well from my dear friend and I!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Blog - At Last!

I've been promising myself a blog for a while now but those of you like me, with too many hobbies will understand why things take so long to get around to.

Miniatures are my love - my life and always resurface eventually, despite every effort to force myself to do something I should be doing instead!
My concentration wavers when all I can think about is coming up with a method of making something new in miniature.

This year has been very different for me as I now have beautiful twin grandsons. Two perfect miniatures - and how I love them.
Although I've knitted, crocheted and am still making patchwork for them I can't help dropping the project in hand to take up my miniature needles and knit something tiny.

Having moved to Spain almost four years ago I've missed going regularly to fairs but the really exciting news is that an hotel in Nerja is holding a fair tomorrow and Sunday! It's hardly an hour drive away and I'm going tomorrow, - if it's good, I might have to go back on Sunday! I'll report back after I've been.