Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And More Birthday Gifts!

My birthday celebrations have been extended by receiving more gifts on Friday! These were made by Kaisa. I love the nursery coat rack, made with her scroll saw, I think. Last year I received a real bar of chocolate with my gifts but this year Kaisa kindly considered my hips and sent me two very neatly made, miniature chocolate bars! Thank you Kaisa, everything is lovely.
Floral gifts from Cristina Diego arrived the same day and I had to photograph them all separately to show them off properly. As you see Cristina was so generous!
I love the pot holding this plant.
 This plant is so delicate!
 These flowers are very pretty and I have a new vase to put them in.
 There are so many teeny flowers on this trellis!
Isn't this is a beautiful trough of mixed plants? Thank you Cristina.
If you'd like some of Cristina's work she has a shop on Etsy.
I hope you are all safe from storms and floods. Take care.

Friday, October 26, 2012

More Birthday Gifts!

Today I'd like to show you some other gifts I received for my birthday.
I've quite recently met Sonja through Blogland and she kindly sent me these lovely needlework items.
This is the vintage needlework basket. Look at the pins in the shoe pin-cushion!
 Here is the cloth basket of fabrics - so many colours!
Sonja also sent me a hole punch and a CD of some of her artwork designs and everything was wonderfully presented using the same pretty artwork including a birthday card!
Everything Sonja creates is so beautifully made and you can see lots more of her lovely miniatures on her blog minisonja.blogspot.com 

Oly, my 'mini' friend and the other member of our dollshouse club gave me a gorgeous chocolate cake and a Janet Granger kit to stitch a pretty handbag!
Oly makes so much more than miniatures. The only thing I know that she can't do is crochet. She has been making cloth art dolls recently and made me this cute pencil topper!
If you'd like to see more of Oly's work you can find her here www.olyslittleworld.blogspot.com
As you see I was totally spoiled this birthday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Swap

This year I've been participating in Kaisa's Birthday Swap and yesterday it was my turn to receive all the gifts! It was so exciting opening so many gifts in one day. Here they are.
Drora used her little shells from the Sea of Galilee to make the framed collection and little box. She also made me flowers and jewellery. There's a lovely heart shaped jewellery box and a water cooler that lights up!
 Faby has been stitching table mats and a bread bag. And can you see the spoon holder!
 Maria has sent so many things from a bed set to useful beads. She also made a pretty bread bag with a loaf inside!
Rosella stitched me a cushion with the letter 'G'! And the sweet parasole opens and closes!
 Simona has been printing! A book with readable pages, a tiny stationeryset and bags.
 Teresa has made a sweet set of baby items and a vintage sign to hang on the wall.
Karin made a lamp trimmed with crystals, beautiful candle sticks and birthday chocolates!

It's been fun swapping gifts and interesting to see all the lovely miniatures made by others.
I still have four more to arrive, so this birthday will stretch our for some time yet!
A big thank you to everyone! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

I'm not trying to rush us all to Christmas but as I have a Christmas house I can have a mini Christmas any time I want to play.
I saw these for sale by Susan of Rainbow Miniatures on Facebook and just had to have one - or two and Susan very generously sent me three. I offered one to Oly and she chose the robin on the log. (Ow, I wanted that one) only kidding, I love them all. Susan has a very unique style.
I showed you my Cloth Art dolls a couple of posts back. I went to visit my family in England and took Gertrude to my Mum who is almost 89 but obviously still a child at heart as she loved her new friend.
I ran out of time to see my friend so I wrapped Titania up in tissue and a plastic bag and took her to the post office when my daughter and I went shopping with Henry in the pram. But when we arrived at the post office the package had gone! I know she's a fairy but I didn't think she'd be able to fly away on her own!
This is a close-up of her belt.
We traced our steps home but never found her! It remains a mystery.
And just because I miss him and love him to bits, here's a photo of Henry.
This week I've been in my work room designing and making dollshouse miniatures again! Kaisa asked me if I'd like to do an Advent calender swap with her this Christmas, so I must seriously keep up with my miniature making from now on to ensure I have 25 gifts to swap. Really exciting!
I hope you're having a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1940s Collection

I had such a lovely time with my family in England but haven't made any miniatures for two weeks!
So, I thought I'd show you some miniatures that I've been collecting for a 1940s house. I have them in a display cabinet for the time being as I haven't got the house yet.
 I fell in love with the 3 piece suit by Jill Roan and just had to have it although it didn't go with anything else I had! I also bought some lovely Clarice Cliff style pottery.
 My dear friend Bob made me the tea trolly, also the picture frame, radio and table they're on.
 The lovely crochet cushions are by a lady I've seen at fairs in England called Agneta I think she's Swedish.
I miss my family but so pleased to be home in the sunshine again!
Have a good week,