Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Bunting

Somehow bunting makes everything look summery and makes me feel happy and in the mood for a party!
I made this for the Gift Shop a while ago.
Today I made some for outside the Beach House. Summer fun! It seems as if there is about to be a garden party!

I also made real life bunting for our pergola. When I'd finished it I hung it in the bedroom - my husband thought I'd finally gone completely mad!
I hope you're having a lovely summer in your part of the world.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Computer Quilt

A lovely girl has been in touch with me asking if I could make a quilt with roses. Sourcing enough fabrics with roses small enough was a problem and so I created a quilt on my computer. As it's a 'cheat' patchwork I hand quilted it. Now that I've heard it arrived safely to her in Germany I can show you it without spoiling her surprise.
Of course I printed another one to make for myself!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I made Drinking Glasses from Pens

A few people seem to be very interested in the pens with which I made my drinking glasses.
There are several Chinese Bazaars here in Spain and they sell very cheap pens like 'biros' for about 1€ a pack. These are what I used for my glasses, they are made by 'Corvina'.

Remove the tops then use a small saw to cut across the lid to make a tumbler size glass. Gently sand the edge to make smooth if necessary. You can use an emery board for this. The lids I used have a line around them which was a useful guide for cutting. If you have a mitre block, all the better, it will help to keep the lid still and get a straighter cut.The bottom of my tumblers have small holes in which really don't notice and they can still be filled with a 'drink' using liquid Fimo or similar.
As you can see the bottoms of the pens could also be made into pretty beakers for a child's tea party.

My newest pen purchase is this pack of Rolling Crayons, they cost a bit more at 3.75€ in a Chinese shop but the tops and bottoms are going to make lovely 'glasses'.
Now I need some inspiration as to what I can make with all the other parts of so many pens!
Don't forget to send me a photo of your 'glasses' when you've made them!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Last night I noticed I now have 200 followers!. When I tried to contact no.200 (HILSU) I had to sign up to follow my own blog....... this seems a bit weird, now I have 201 followers.

I'd been contemplating a give away but that usually generates a lot of new followers who don't always follow so I decided to send a gift to my 200th follower to mark the occasion and also the followers who post to me the most.
As you can imagine, I went to bed very late after counting up all the posts each follower makes but it was worth it, the results are very interesting but no surprise to me!

In joint 3rd place are KAISA, MINISDECRIS and LATAINA
In 2nd place is COCKERINA
In 1st place with the most comments sent is....... MARIAJO - Las Cosas de MEAPUNTO!

I want to thank these 5 loyal followers for helping make the first year of my blog a very happy, friendly place to be! If I don't have your address, please email me and I'll send a little gift of thanks.

Thanks to all of you who send me regular messages, I love to hear from you; you make it all worth while.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Patchwork

This is the little patchwork I was working on during my travels through Portugal recently.

 There are other things new to the Gift Shop, the stand and jug I bought at the fair in Fuengirola, the bowl of pot pourri is a wooden bowl I painted and filled with real pot pourri, chopped very small and glued in.
A gift box I made with a roll of matching gift wrap.

Lastly, along with other junk in my workroom I have a lot of coloured pens without tops! The pens were very cheap and I cut off the ends of the lids to make these summery drinking glasses!
I hope you're all having a good weekend,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fuengirola Fair Purchases

Wow! I see it is July already and realise that I have passed my first Blog Birthday! Thank you to everyone who regularly reads my ramblings. Here's to another good year of minis!
I have been slow to write as I had another little holiday, this time to Portugal to celebrate my husband's birthday and the fact he has now retired!
Some of the days I worked on a little quilt which I'll show you soon but this time, as promised I'll show you what I bought at the Andalucian fair in Fuengirola. 
ALL THIS!! When my husband asks how much I spent I only tell him half but still he is shocked!
Bye for now,