Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking a Break

Just to let you know that I am unable to access my email account for a few days so don't worry if you can't see your comment yet - it will be added and you will be included in the draw! Thank you for all the comments so far and welcome to all the new followers, amazing!

It looks as if my Etsy shop has disappeared but that's because I'm having a short break and I've switched it to 'holiday mode' which is a bit of a joke really as a holiday with family and friends is very hard work! Shopping with my friend for two full days, the twins 1st birthday party, mending son's jeans, son-in-law's shirts, and ironing and cleaning just like Cinderella for the step mother and ugly sisters is all very tiring! Ha ha, I make it sound like I have to earn my keep but I love to help while they work and when they're home my daughter treats me with all little presents and they cook delicious meals!  (The thing I hate most is cooking, so that's wonderful).

I hope you are all enjoying making your miniatures, I know I shall be in desperate need of some mini therapy when I get back but I'm having a lovely time at the moment, depite the rain.....rain.....rain.....

Bye for now!
Gill x

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Followers - Thank You!

What a wonderful surprise I had tonight when I saw that I have 100 lovely followers reading my blog!
I really don't think that my miniatures are that interesting compared to some of the incredible things you are all making, they are so original and beautifully made.
I suppose I am bored with my own creations and I think that has been my problem lately and the reason I've not been showing anything interesting lately.
I have been very tired, a little under the weather and it shows in my work - or lack of it!

I have also had an enormous disappointment with my Etsy shop as the first two packets I sent off to America to my first two customers did not arrive. Somewhere there are mini cushions, boxes and candles lost in the big wide world between America and Spain. They have the buyers addresses and my address, so why are they lost?
Anyway, I'm very cheered up to see that I now have 100 lovely people interested in my little blog and so I guess the only thing to do is celebrate in the traditional way......... A Give Away!
So, to be in with a chance of winning..... you all know the rules by now, I know but just in case....  ha ha! Please leave a comment on my blog and be a follower BUT the difference will be that I am not going to decide what the prize will be... YOU will decide (within reason)!
When you leave your message tell me what you would like me to make for you. You can tell the kinds of things I make and I will make it to suit your colours, etc. The winner from the draw will get their wish! Ha ha!
I'm having a few days break with my family and friends so don't worry if you hear nothing from me for a while - I'll be back soon and thank you all again for giving me inspiration to carry on with my miniatures and sharing my mini life with you all on my blog. Bye for now.