Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oly - the other member of our Dollshouse Club - has a Blog!

Today was as much fun as every Tuesday which has recently become our Dollshouse Club Day. As I've told you on more than one occasion, there are only two of us in our club - Oly and me.
I've been trying to persuade Oly to start a blog as she has an amazing collection of miniatures and is making more all the time plus she's the one that comes up with the bright ideas most of the time.
Take a look at her new blog which she's currently building. http://www.olyslittleworld.blogspot.com/
and I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing all her miniatures - once she gets to grip with her husband's camera!
I hope you're all keeping warm now we've stepped well into autumn.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Surprise Gift!

If it's your birthday you might expect some greetings cards and a gift or two. It makes you happy to know friends and family have remembered your special day. BUT when a little parcel arrives and it isn't your birthday and you haven't ordered anything from Etsy or another website you become very curious and excited!
This happened to me today!
When I saw the return address I was so pleased to see it was from a very kind and lovely person - Sandra!
She wished me a Belated Happy Birthday which is wonderful because it makes the celebration last even longer!
Look what what was inside!
 How can she part with these?
So beautifully made - I just love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
If you'd like to see other things Sandra makes and collects she has a lovely blog with some very detailed photos of her miniatures here. http://samirasminis.blogspot.com/
What a great way to start the week!