Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mindy the New Miniaturist!

Having recently met a very talented young lady who makes all kinds of beautiful crafts and needlework Oly and I invited her to join our dollshouse club and challenged her to make some miniatures. She is a natural at scaling down full size and her work is so precise and neat. Look at what she's made already! Mindy made these bags and then a chest to store them in.
 I can't believe these are her first efforts.
 The boxed jewellery is lovely but my photos are not good.
 I just adore this little felt bear wearing his warm scarf.
 I think her embroidery hoops are wonderful, I've never seen any realistic working hoops in miniature before and she even did her first miniature embroidery.
It's fun having a new member of our club and Mindy has new ideas and offers fresh inspiration for Oly and me. I can't wait to see what she makes next!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vintage Christmas Decorations

I just had to pop in and show you what the post lady brought today. Such a surprise and so lovely!
Sonja sent me these as a Christmas surprise! If you'd like to see more of  the gorgeous miniatures she makes you can see Sonja's blog here
I'm going to create a whole new display for all my special Christmas things. The Christmas house is full!
Thank you Sonja, I love everything!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shoes and Bags

How fabulous are these!!! They were a gift from my dear friend Bob.
I've always loved Patrisan's shoes and never thought I'd own a pair. Now I have two pairs and a fabulous handbag as well! Thank you so much, Bob. x

For my birthday Oly gave me a handbag kit by Janet Granger which I didn't start straight away as I wanted to clear some unfinished projects first so made it over the new year break. It's really pretty and will look lovely in my ladies shop.
For Christmas this year Oly gave me this lovely cupcake jug which will sit nicely in my Tea Rooms, Gift Shop or Bakery - I can't decide!
As I mentioned a while back, Oly and I made some felt animals which we were quite pleased with as our first attempts. Now I'm going to try and make Easter Bunnies with this brilliant set which I also got from Oly at Christmas. My favourite time of year is Easter, I love the pretty colours and the lambs, rabbits and chicks so Oly chose these for my Easter display. Thank you Oly, I love my gifts. x
I think you'll agree I've received some lovely gifts from special friends.
As this is my first post this year I'd like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2013!