Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Day at the Kensington Dollshouse Fair!

My first visit in 11 years, I was excited to say the least!
I wasn't disappointed, so many stands full of wonderful, hand crafted miniatures by such talented artists from all over the world.
I managed to spend all my money and some more on my card but I did have a few years of carching up to do!
I was looking for kitchen furniture and bought these from Rob Lucas.

And this from Apollo Miniatures which is huge and will go on the back wall of the Tea Rooms.
Long handled dustpan and brush and bucket from St Leger for the Seaside House
Also from St Leger this amazing WORKING whisk!
 The Flower Lady was there and I bought these.

Halls Miniature Clocks makes fabulous working clocks but has added some resin modern clocks and radios so I got this pink one for the Tea Rooms to keep the baker happy.
Also couldn't resist this little heart shaped bowl by Elisabeth Causeret of Poteries Miniatures.
I've bought yet another child but can't remember who from! She has poseable arms and head. If anyone recognises her, do let me know!
 And just to add to my hugely over crowded children section I bought another pram! This one is a twin version from Thimblemins. The bag opens and has nappies inside.
I thought I had enough cakes until I saw this one, made by Teresa Martinez of Tinyter Miniatures. It's perfect for my Spanish table.
This bakeware is by Le Mini di Pier Luigi from Italy.
I just love these by Carol Cook! They'll go in my country kitchen. A pot of dripping and a jar of calves foot jelly!
I hope you enjoyed the little tour and that you're having a good weekend.
Gill xx