Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Victorian House

I feel more than a little guilty about my Victorian house. I've had it for 21 years, the first of my collection but it has become neglected as I 've spent time on newer, more colourful projects.

Having decorated and filled it in the Victorian style it holds less interest than other lighter and modern styles. It feels gloomy inside, difficult to see things and rather depressing.
Yesterday the bathroom painting fell from the wall, the 20 year old pieces of Blue-Tak finally dried out and gave up their hold showing the discolouring to the wallpaper from the years - just as real life, I guess.
The Victorian house holds two of my favourite miniatures. My most treasured is the gate legged table with candy twist legs that my father made me in the early eighties. When he was very ill he made it on a tray on his lap and died shortly after he'd given it to me.
The other is a smoker's bow chair made by Colin Bird which I bought from him at his first London Kensington fair. It was the most expensive single item I'd bought but as the chair was a replica of one my grandfather sat in I just had to have it. Colin's furniture is exquisite and worth every penny.

The ground floor of the house has been a shop with toys and children's clothes but I've never been satisfied with the look of it. Too much wood panelling and wooden floors - too dull and uninteresting.

I'd removed everything from the shop this week, not knowing quite what to do with it when Oly came to visit and she came up with one of her brilliant ideas! I'll let you know more as it happens!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gifts from Sandra

Like all girls I like to receive flowers, especially when they're a surprise, more so when there are so many and most of all when they are miniature!
Like the real thing they raised my spirits just when I was feeling a bit low.

How did Sandra guess that  I don't like making flowers? I can't make flowers?
Here are the beautiful things she made for me.

This plant even has buds!
Fabulous. And a pretty pot.
A beautifully printed book called 'Shabby Gardens', a bag of soil and a little ball of garden twine.
I just love these!
I can't believe how delicate this is and so realistic.
All my beautiful gifts together.
Sandra has a lovely blog with beautiful photos of her miniatures. Take a look at her creations here Sandra
Sandra, thank you so much.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladies Shop Models

I'm not one for dolls as I feel they look fake and make the dollshouse appear as if it's suspended in time. The few I have are more for fun. This doll I bought was very cheap with ugly hands but she has a pretty face so I decided to use her for a shop model and dressed her with some nice undies.

My first and only attempt to make a doll is Annabel! Her face is ugly and badly painted and her head and neck to not join up so she is hidden at the back of the shop modelling a gown.
Have a good weekend,