Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gift Boxes

Designing is one of my favourite things to do but then I also enjoy making up new designs. I've been making boxes again and after several attempts at getting the fit right I'm pretty pleased with my latest work.
A set of three removable gift boxes with a carrier holder for display.
 These carton style boxes have a gift tag and silk ribbon bow. 
 These cake boxes have loose fit lids.
 Three removable boxes decorated with silk ribbon bow and crystal.
 Set of three pretty boxes tied with silk ribbon.
 A display of boxes for chocolates, soaps, sweets, treets, cakes and gifts.
Now I need to make the goodies to put inside them!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Make More Time for Miniatures in 2016

Not a bad resolution for a miniaturist. I shall try very hard to keep on track this year.
Just before Christmas I found these lovely pink Christmas trees in Paperchase for just three pounds each and have only just put them in one of my Christmas scenes (yes, I have too many things for just one scene!) and I was too busy in December to play.
 I like them just as they are, without decorations.
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and received a few tiny gifts, they're almost always the best!
Happy New Year!