Monday, June 11, 2012

Miniatures Fair - Fuengirola

Another brilliant day! Need I say more?
I've been placing my purchases in their new homes.
From Alicia Volta of Aligra Dolls I bought this worried little girl who looks as if she needs a happy home!
She now sits in a comfy armchair.
Can you see the cute cushion? Oly made it for me. It's stitched on fine silk gauze.

I was unable to resist these teeny little toys from Pinar of PQF. The furry rabbits are flocked, I dread to think of the mess I once made trying to flock something! The biggest rabbit is only 7/8" tall!

I also bought from Pinar a doll for my 144th scale house which has been empty for years!

My Christmas house has been sadly lacking a finished bathroom. At last I've found some tiles! I don't know yet whether they will go on the floor or the walls-maybe both! These are from Sophia Miniatures .
This is the 'before' photo of Santa's bathroom. Just a shelf and one wall covered in some awful blue and silver Christmas wrapping paper. (It seemed a good idea 15 years ago!)
I showed you one of Oly's cushions - here is another she made me, this to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
And in the Jubilee spirit I bought this wonderful glass work from it's fabulous! I have several pieces of his amazing work.
My other purchases are destined for my Spanish Villa. What Spanish Villa you may well ask. I'm going to finally build my Delprado House and turn it into a Spanish Villa........ one day when I get time!

This last photo is to prove I do eventually finish a project! I made this little doll many years ago, my first and only Fimo doll. She has waited for eyes for years! Finally, two dots with a permanent marker she is finished!

I live in a muddle of unfinished projects, both miniature and full size am I alone?
Have a good week,