Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Tea and Easter Greetings!

The beginning of April is a special time for our family as my daughter celebrates her birthday! This year her husband treated her (and himself) to an extravagant tea in a London hotel where they ate cake until they giggled because they felt so sick! I have made a small scale birthday tea for my lovely daughter.
The beautiful tulips by Cristina -
I also made some Easter lemon bunny slices and then got completely carried away with Easter and made a whole range of goodies.
Easter Cakes, Chocolate Teddies, and bags of Mini Eggs  
Lemon Slices topped with Bunnies, Chocolate Teddy and a Maggie Mae Easter Egg!
'Maggie Mae' is a special little girl I know xx

Easter Chick Cake

Happy Easter everyone, watch out for the Easter Bunny and don't make yourself sick eating all that chocolate!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning Seaside Cottage

Seaside Cottage has to be prepared for the summer and as the little people don't get much time for housework I helped with some spring cleaning today.
Set in the 50s/60s this little cottage has been put together a little 'tongue in cheek' and is full of the kinds things I used to see on my holidays as a child.

This chair, made by my old friend Bob, is a copy of a 'bed-chair'. It is fully functional and by removing the bar along the back it drops down to form a bed.
The smokers use the ash tray with 'Mind the Carpet' written on it.
Upstairs in the loft is a child's room. Robert has tidied up.
He has a little fish in a jar and a bird's nest that fell from the roof.
In the kitchen everyone has stopped for something to eat.
Walter has been a long time pouring the sauce onto his breakfast!
Hazel has her favourite seaside canisters and she just loves the chickens serviette holder and cruet set!
No one wants to wash up, even though there are real rubber gloves!
It's time for a new cooker. Hazel wants to re-vamp the cottage but everyone loves it the way it is.
Here she comes to clean the kitchen
Outside there's a fishing rod and basket, a boat, deckchairs and a ball hanging in a string bag.
Someone really needs to repair the broken window, a bird has made a nest inside.
That's the end of the tour of Seaside Cottage.
I've had this little house 20 years. It cost only 15 pounds and I've had a lot of fun putting it together. Some things I don't like and I would do differently - maybe one day, Hazel will get her 'make over'!