Friday, July 24, 2015

Beautiful Garden Floral Quilt

A clourful garden of flowers inspired this latest patchwork.
The fabric was finer and the sewing was easier. I edged it with a simple buttonhole stitch.

I'm ready to start another one!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tiny Hexagon Patchwork

I fell instantly in love with a Moda pack of fabrics with tiny prints which I decided were perfect for my next hexagon patchwork with sides of just 3/16".
I was wrong. I didn't consider the open weave or the thickness of fabric. Even as I began work and realised my mistake I couldn't give up. The fabric frayed terribly and I was unable to stop the fraying without putting in a lot of extra big stitches to catch the threads and hold them in place. I did put it away for a few months but this weekend I managed to finish it and it will lie on top of the bed in the little Victorian bedroom.
 Can you see Annie hides her money under the mattress!
The fabric made the cover too thick but I backed it and then crocheted a dainty cotton lace edging with sewing thread and a size .60 hook.
I've done as well as I could with the material but so glad it's finished. I've learned my lesson, loving a fabric isn't good enough reason to use it!
I've now started another one using scraps given to me by my friend who does full size patchwork. She used to throw away her tiny cuttings until I told her I can use scraps as small as 1" square!
Thanks for looking,

Friday, July 10, 2015

Who Doesn't like Pretty Things?

I can't resist pretty things and this sofa is one of my favourites. Made by Jill Lucas with matching cushions. Shown here with some of my cushions in the middle.
And speaking of cushions, these are a few new ones I've made, my little homes always need cushions!
It's Friday so I wish you all a happy weekend,