Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ironing - Love It or Hate It?

Have you noticed how quickly an ironing pile can grow? Seemingly without help it begins to climb the wall!
Believe it or not ironing is actually my most favourite domestic chore, when it's done we have rows of clean, wearable clothes - BUT it is so time consuming and makes me hotter than ever when the weather is so warm.
I have neglected my pile for too long so today I'll work on reducing this mountain and make no miniatures.
But to add a little interest for me and my regular followers I will send a small prize to the person who can guess the correct number of garments in the pile! Oh I know how to have fun, don't I?


  1. So glad to reed I'm not the only one with this problem LOL.
    I'm guessing you've got 25 items there.
    Good luck with the ironing!

    (I'm giving a price away too, so do have a look at my blog;-)

  2. What a fun little challenge! Well after counting and counting I believe there are 27 articles of clothing in this pile! Hummmm Can't wait to find out if I'm correct! Carolyn

  3. Not sure if my first post went thru or not! I wrote that I agreed this is a fun little challenge and that I believed there are 27 articles of clothing in your pile. Surely a whole lot more than I would want to iron. Carolyn

  4. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a pile of ironing. My guess is 21 items that are probably now freshly ironed and hung up in a wardrobe!!

  5. 28 - and everybody know the problem...
    Thank heaven I got a perfect ironing-station - and there is a MUST: latest Thursday I MUST switch it on...
    Have fun
    herzliche Minigrüße

  6. Okaaaaay.... I actually like ironing, too. It´s only. it takes so much time and the rest of the house remains untidy :-(
    But my guess: 28 items.
    Hugs, Sandra

  7. This is great, I have done my ironing and with great enthusiasm as I wanted to count everything. I have to give you a clue - nobody is even close yet! Gill x

  8. Seems like I'm the only one who does not enjoy I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now I do see that it is a chore! Gill, I have no idea hw many pieces are in your pile. I, like everyone else have counted around 28, but I think there are more pieces maybe we can't clearly see..? So I'll guess 37! =D

  9. I forgot to mention how fun I think this is. I'm quite curious to know! LOL

  10. Ha ha ha :-D
    I do not even try to guess, but you know that we are in the same situation, except that mine is perhaps a little worse...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  11. Oh, Flora, do you dare show a photo of your mountain? I feel very proud now that I've tackled mine! Gill x

  12. Creo que yo supero el montón, je,je. Aquí todavía hace mucho calor y no apetece planchar, si a eso le añadimos que tengo dos hijos que se cambian continuamente ¡imagínese!.
    Creo haber contado unas 28 prendas pero .. ¿son 56?.
    Un saludo, Eva

  13. I counted several times, and it seems difficult because sticking small pieces of color and I do not know if they match the heads you see out, but I try 30 or 31! and we hope that it is right ... but if you see the pile of my stuff, you get scared! ha ha!
    I also love ironing, but not when it's hot!
    kisses, Caterina

  14. hoooooo!!! cuanto trabajo!!! hay 25??

  15. Good luck with ironing, i hate ironing and i iron only items that realy need too.
    I love your little quiz...i think there are 39 items.

  16. No soy capaz de contarlas ..
    No consigo abrir tu tienda etsy ... nadie tiene el mismo problema ?

  17. Oh, Maiajo, I don't know of anyone else with this problem! Maybe you could try again later? Gill x

  18. Pues yo diría 28, pero como veo que lo han dicho, te digo 29 jaja.
    Yo odio planchar.
    Mil besitos...Julia

  19. Ok, time is up, the ironing is done and a new pile has started so I will tell you that Iris was very close with 37 but nobody guessed the actual amount of 42!!! So the closest and winner of the small prize is MARIA with her experienced ironer's eye, who guessed 39. Congratulations, please email me your address Maria.

  20. Congrats to Maria and Thanks to Gill: this was really fun! :-))

  21. Yo odio planchar, creo que es la tarea que menos me gusta en casa, esa y la de limpiar cristales.
    Yo cuento unas 24 prendas, es posible?
    Gracias por el juego, es divertido....besos.

  22. Aw so
    Congratulations to Maria! =)