Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

I'm one of those people who plans the next project before I finish the one in hand and consequently this leaves me in a mess with lots of work started and loads of stuff everywhere which can't be put away because it's in use!
As Oly left for a holiday she suggested I finished some of my projects. Wise words indeed - and I did just that!
I boxed up some chocolates. The boxes are 5/8" in diameter.

I also made up 150 rolls of fabric ribbon which had been waiting forever!
Here are a few. The reels are 5/16" in diameter.

 I sewed 100 cushions which I'd cut out and I sold most on Etsy!

When Oly returns we want to try needle felting so I must finish a few more things by next week!
Have a good week, whatever you're doing.


  1. Your chocolates look amzing and the the ribbons very beatiful.

    Whatch out that shap needle durind the feltig, I stabbed myself quite a many times.

  2. I also!
    The box is delicate. I like your ribbon, especially the one with the cupcakes.
    Bye Faby

  3. Everything is gorgeous! The chocolates make my mouth water, and the ribbons are so sweet! xo Jennifer

  4. Wow! Yammy chocolates! The boxes look so special and so do the ribbons! Your work is perfect!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Congrats on completing so many wonderful little projects and on selling most of the pillows.

  6. Hi Gill,
    I am just the same with my minis, I have half finished projects everywhere and lots of mess :)Maybe I need to take Oly's advice too :)I love the things you've made, the ribbons are divine and the chocolates look so delicious!! As always it's a pleasure to see what you're making.
    vicky xxx

  7. You've been obiously very busy with your minis. I have had too little time for mine, but I'll try to find little time occasionally. On saturday it was raining and I had time to make the Noah's ark for my giveaway. The ribbon reels are so cute.

  8. Hello again Gill!
    Your items look wonderful! Beautiful work, as always!
    Sending hugs to you! :) x

  9. Ribbons are so lovely!!!!
    I can't believe they are so little!!
    But my love goes to one of your cushion, with roses and the Eiffel Tower.

  10. Thanks everyone - can you see me smiling?
    You make me happy!

  11. Your ribbons are delightful, what a great idea.

  12. Yes,I do see you smiling Gill.....on the picture ;)! You've really done a lot of work. I love the ribbons, but those choclats.......mmmmmmm, delicious!! Great work!!
    Greetings, Ilona