Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Work on the Sewing Shop!

I have darted back to this project again. As paint dries on one I work on another. Several days ago I made loads of thread cards. I thought I'd get bored, winding all the thread but I found it very relaxing.
I have a collection of vintage haberdashery so scanned some, changed some of the names and copied others to make a pretty shabby set.
Now I've finished making some wooden boxes to display them. I painted them with acrylic in pale grey/blue and I'm really pleased with the colour.

Sonya of http://minisonja.blogspot.com.es/  contacted me and kindly gave me some really good links and printies for more haberdashery so I can feel a few more sets coming along yet. She has a really lovely collection of minis so take a look at her blog which is full of tips and links which she very generously shares.

Now I just have to vent!!! I've tried to leave a message on a really nice blog tonight and failed 5 times to copy the secret words to prove I wasn't a robot. I know I've mentioned this before but life is too short to waste on this so from now on I'm not going to leave messages on these blogs, sorry but it's SO frustrating!
Ok. Now I feel much better!
Have a good night,


  1. Your little cards are really gorgeous! And lol at the rant I got fed up with them too so removed them from my blog I hope others do the same they are so infuriating!

    1. Thanks Paula, I'm not quite sure of the point of these as we get to moderate the messages anyway so if any spam gets through you just don't publish it.

  2. Cuanto trabajo!! pero que bien te ha quedado!!
    Tienes toda la razón con la verificación,es muy pesado!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  3. Beautiful thread displays! I'm totally with you re the verification, I HATE it, so hard to leave comments on lovely blogs. I hope more people get the message and just moderate their comments.

  4. Que bonito te esta quedando todo . Me encantan estos hilos con tantos colores . Yo tambien quite la verificacion de mi blog , es una perdida de tiempo y no creo que sirva de nada .
    Un beso

  5. Hi Gill,
    Thanks for mention me in your blog.
    Your thread cards and the displays are fantastic. I will do also some.
    Big hug
    P.S. I have also problems to leave comments on other blogs!

  6. Great haberdashery stuff! Perfectly made!
    About comments - I encountered this problem and felt like an idiot (which I was), until I realised that I had to write the numbers as well as the distorted words. Now I am able to comment at first or second try.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. You are so right about those darn letters/numbers Gill - some are totally unreadable!
    But back to your wonderful thread cards - they are GORGEOUS & look just beautiful in your little trays.
    I love your blog - I come here to swoon over your beautiful mini's & be amazed at your talent!
    Wishing you a lovely day! x

  8. The tread cards look great! Good luck with the shop.
    Miniature greetings

  9. So many beautiful colours!

  10. HI Gill! Love your thread cards! And it looks wonderful when they are sorted in the boxes like a rainbow!
    I think the word verification is even getting worse, some of the numbers are so blurry, it ´s so annoying...
    Greetings, Sandra