Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fluffy Bunny and Paper Furniture

It's normal for me to put down what I'm doing and change projects like a flash when I come up with an idea, and I did it again yesterday. I came across these lovely resin rabbits while shopping and decided I'd try to apply fur to them. They are a bit big for 1/12th but I can use a rabbit for my Easter display.
The white rabbit is 1 3/4" high and I started with him as I had some white fur trim I've had since the 80s.
It's Paton's acrylic and cotton fur trim and I don't think they make it any more. I'd like some in other colours now that I've found a use for it! I cut the fur from the backing and glued on in small pieces overlapping the rows.  
I gave him a hair trim as I worked and then finally gave him a neat haircut. Here he is after his makeover!
There were other animals which are a little too big but the dogs are perfect so I got these too!
Now, I'll show you my 1/24th paper furniture, hidden at the back of my cupboard, I found a little box full that I made with Oly during one of our club days. We found the patterns on the internet. I was keen to see whether I could make a whole dollshouse from paper. Here are some kitchen units
 The bedroom chair is really strong and I love the cabinet with opening drawers!
 These are the office items.
Some nursery furniture and a little dress.
My favourite paper sofa, upholstered in silk!
I've changed my mind about making a paper dollshouse but it was fun to make these few things.
Thank you for stopping here, I hope you're having a good weekend,


  1. I loved the animals in resin and 'pelage' is great! Great job!
    The furniture paper is adorable!

  2. Oh wow! The bunny is gorgeous!!

  3. Wow Gill the rabbit is fantastic. Your paper furniture looks great. I love the little kitchen set.
    Hugs Maria

  4. The Bunny becomes so fine and soft, a good idea. Some of the furniture you can not see is made of paper. The sofa is so fine.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  5. The bunny is so cute, I think I may try your technique some time. The paper furniture looks like a lot of fun.

  6. The white hare is gorgeous Gill and yes I too love paper dollhouse items. I really can't believe some of the stuff from "Kris's one inch mini's"blog. It's all paper and card stock but looks as real as can be..she's a magician! BTW my giveaway is finally on, thanks again love, till next time...xo

  7. Oh Gillian, the rabbit is fantastic! The paper furniture look great, I like very much to work with paper miniatures..Hugs

  8. The white bunny is wonderul and looks so soft.
    I also have these 3 dogs.
    The paper furniture looks great and the sofa is amazing.
    Bye Faby

  9. Gill, this bunny is fantastic! beautiful done. I like paper furniture also, I like particularly a cradle( but all furniture are so interesting)
    Warm hugs

  10. You did a great job on the rabbit, it looks beautiful, like real fur! Your paper furniture looks great!
    * marlies