Friday, December 28, 2012

All the Other Advent Gifts!

I had to decide whether to open all the advent gifts before I went away for Christmas, which felt like cheating, or save them for when I got back from my family Christmas. I'm so happy I saved them as I had a wonderful time today, opening so many!
These are all the other gifts from Kaisa.
Littlekits for lots of buildings and cars.
Two mugs. One with a photo of my dog, and proving Kaisa has a great sense of humour, the other has a photo of me on my scooter wearing a helmet!
 For the little baker some very useful recipe books.
 A great shelf unit! Very useful, just what the bakery needs.
 To complete the set, another fabulous bag!
 Some nature posters for the children's room.
 I think maybe Kaisa's little girl helped make this gift with her lovely artwork! There is even a tiny eraser,
And , oh my goodness, Kaisa has made me a desk and seat! The desk opens to hold the papers and pencils.

Very thoughtful maps of England and one of Spain!
 I was so surprised to see that Kaisa had these cards printed for me! What a thoughtful and generous gift!
 And look at this! Kaisa is so good with her saw. It has such a lovely, detailed back and the shaped mirror just finishes this fabulous dresser.
 It's been a great swap, exciting and fun. Thank you so much Kaisa, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. Great gifts! It must have been very exciting to open all the presents at the same time. I think you were right to have waited after Christmas.

  2. What a marvellous selection of gifts - the mugs are just fab!

  3. You received many wonderful gifts.
    Bye Faby