Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Miniatures!

Making miniatures in the heat doesn't come without it's problems like glue drying at twice the speed and paint drying on the brush before I can use it. Never-the-less, I wouldn't swap hot for cold any day.
Today I made up these little signs. I'd seen them somewhere in full size and just 'needed' to have a small version (like you do!)
Dedicated to two special cats, Sebastian, the ginger one and Kitkat the black and white.
Now I'll show you some of my recent purchases. I'm excited about these! From Sofia on Etsy I bought these gorgeous canisters which are perfect for the bakery of my Tea Rooms.
 I loved them so much I went back to Sofia and bought some Union Jack china to go with the patriotic cushions and glass in the Gift Shop. I love this big tray with alternate colouring.
 And the cup, saucer and plate are lovely. I need to get some plate stands to show it off properly.
Then I bought this adorable notebook! I got it on Etsy from LoLittleMiniatures. These are spiral bound! Truely amazing. They come in all different colours, patterns and sizes, so I have some more waiting in my shopping basket already!
You might rememeber the 2013 minutes I mentioned in my blog at the beginning of the year. Spending 2013 minutes this year, finishing all those projects that get started and then put aside. Well, I have to report that I'm doing really well.
The cat signs were printed last year and I'd made the porcelain cats but they were forgotten in a box until today, when I painted the cats and made up the signs. Easy- so why did I take so long? I feel better for having cleared so many projects already.
I sewed up all the cushions (nearly 100!) and most are now sold in my Etsy shop.
I've made up all the haberdashery, button cards, I've glued on all the buttons, thread cards are made up and boxed. Most have been put on Etsy.
I have heat-sealed paper serviettes that I'd printed, then I made a display box for them.
I had made so many packs of serviettes that I had to make two boxes!
The pink display box is in my Etsy shop.

I hope you're all enjoying a warm and wonderful summer.


  1. all looks extremly lovely! the signs are wonderful!

  2. All beautiful Gill .... I've bought some lovely plates from Sofia too and notebooks from Lolittleminiatures .... we both have good taste!! xx

  3. I love your choice of colours. The canisters are really cute.

  4. Everything is gorgeous, Gill. I love completing projects too--great job! xo Jennifer

  5. Tudo tão perfeito e bonito!
    Abraço de Fernanda.

  6. Tout est ravissant et très gais!!

  7. I like your little signs.
    Greetings, Faby

  8. I love your work, I love your pictures... all is wonderful and very romantic!!

  9. I love your work, I love your pictures! All is beautiful and very romantic!!
    Congratulations Gill !!