Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miniatures Overflow

Hi, thank you for stopping here again.
My houses and shops are full but still I make and collect more. I desperately needed somewhere to put all the homeless miniatures. At the beginning of the year I bought four tall, narrow cupboards and have since been searching out all the hundreds of treasures that have been waiting to be displayed. I was shocked at how much I found, tucked away in boxes all over the house and in the garage, for example, there were 17 beds!
My houses have kitchens but I have all this as well! I can't resist plates and cookware.
My nursery collection is somewhat random but I need shelving and furniture.
The wicker furniture I bought 11 years ago in Sant Maartens for 3 dollars.
I made these 1/24th scale things from paper printies found on-line.
The beginnings of a Men's Shop.
My Spanish collection and a bike that I yarn-bombed!
Flea market corner
Easter collection.
Sorting all this should keep me occupied for quite a while. At least everything is now out - except for all the beds!
I hope you're all enjoying your week,
Gill x


  1. Hi Gill :D! You have lots of miniature beauties in your collection, it is a feast for the eyes :D! I think it is a good idea to display them in these cabinets, so now they are to be seen and not tucked away in the dark ;)!
    It's good to 'hear' from you;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. What a fantastic way to display your collections! Everything is lovely, I can see why you need it!

    Mind you, you've given me a fright, now I'm wondering exactly how much stash I have hiding in various locations, it could be scary to get it all in one place ;)

  3. You have a great collections. I like the idea to displey them in this cabinet.

  4. What an amazing collection!

  5. What a great idea. For your next project you can just "shop" your cabinets!

  6. I'm loving your display idea, many of my can't miss buys are still tucked away in boxes, while I decided where they are to go. Think I need to look for a display cabinet for them, they would look lovely even without a permanent home. It's also easy to forget what you've got when they are in boxes.

  7. I love this idea! Are your cabinets in a place where they can be seen by everyone or tucked away in a work space?

  8. Um verdadeiro tesouro no mundo da miniatura, amei cada peça e em especial sua cristaleira com todos eles em ordem, parabéns!