Saturday, August 28, 2010

Helping Hands

Going back quite a few years to the early 90s I started making cakes with polymer clay. They turned out well enough for a local dollshouse shop to buy some Valentine, Christmas and Wedding cakes from me. The Christmas cakes had holly and snowmen on top and the wedding cakes had a teeny bride and groom. I didn't know about liquid Fimo, so all the icing was twisted snakes and dented with a pin. Never really happy with the results the clay eventually went into a biscuit tin and I reverted back to mainly sewing.
The quality of miniature confectionery has improved 100 fold over the last few years and I've been itching to get my clay out again. With the help of Linda's tutorial on CDHM I made some broccoli and an artichoke, then last Sunday I made oranges and peel with Hannah's tutorial.
And with a helping hand from Christel Jenson and her DVD I just had a fabulous day making cupcakes!
Thanks for all your help but worry not that I shall become a competitive threat - I still prefer to sew!
(Eat your heart out, Linds, they're not real!)

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