Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Chairs Have Arrived!

I've spent what has turned out to be a mega hot day in Granada, searching for a new sewing machine. The search was fruitless, the heat was stifling, my feet hurt and all I could think of during the twenty minute drive home was getting into the pool.
That all changed as soon as I found the post lady had left me a parcel - and I'd been waiting impatiently for this one! Two fabulous retro chairs from Kris Compas. She has a website, and sells on
 I've only recently discovered Kris and her wonderful miniatures but she's already one of my favourite miniaturists, not only is she a talented maker with incredible attention to detail (see the fine piping and the buttons) but she doesn't mind sharing her 'how-tos' and tips.
I did finally cool down in the pool but not until I'd played with my new chairs! Thank you, Kris, so much!


  1. Beautiful chairs indeed! Wish I could trade the weather with you, here it has been raining and pouring all day long. I'm off to bed, wearing my flanel pj's :-D
    Just one more minute on the pc, gotta check that site out you mentioned.
    Have a great day/night!

  2. These are fab chairs, Kris is really talented.