Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Followers - Thank You!

What a wonderful surprise I had tonight when I saw that I have 100 lovely followers reading my blog!
I really don't think that my miniatures are that interesting compared to some of the incredible things you are all making, they are so original and beautifully made.
I suppose I am bored with my own creations and I think that has been my problem lately and the reason I've not been showing anything interesting lately.
I have been very tired, a little under the weather and it shows in my work - or lack of it!

I have also had an enormous disappointment with my Etsy shop as the first two packets I sent off to America to my first two customers did not arrive. Somewhere there are mini cushions, boxes and candles lost in the big wide world between America and Spain. They have the buyers addresses and my address, so why are they lost?
Anyway, I'm very cheered up to see that I now have 100 lovely people interested in my little blog and so I guess the only thing to do is celebrate in the traditional way......... A Give Away!
So, to be in with a chance of winning..... you all know the rules by now, I know but just in case....  ha ha! Please leave a comment on my blog and be a follower BUT the difference will be that I am not going to decide what the prize will be... YOU will decide (within reason)!
When you leave your message tell me what you would like me to make for you. You can tell the kinds of things I make and I will make it to suit your colours, etc. The winner from the draw will get their wish! Ha ha!
I'm having a few days break with my family and friends so don't worry if you hear nothing from me for a while - I'll be back soon and thank you all again for giving me inspiration to carry on with my miniatures and sharing my mini life with you all on my blog. Bye for now.


  1. Gill hello! I'm happy with the finish line 100 of your followers, and I hope you have many more!
    I would like to join your give away, but I am embarrassed to ask for the gift ... you know how to do nice things! and I'm already blessed with your beautiful Christmas pillows!
    I love your quilts, but I'm going to learn how to make one for myself, because I already have the fabrics suitable for my doll's house, and your tutorial is very helpful.
    and then I think that would be too challenging for you, make a quilt to give away! :))
    I visited your shop and I'd like to get a couple of bottles of bath salts for the blue bathroom in my cabin ...
    I hope not to be too demanding!
    I put the link on my blog, thank you for this opportunity!
    a big hug!

    PS: you have to say when it expires your drawing!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th follower, and commiserations on the lost packages.

    I do hope you'll find your 'mini-mojo' again soon, your minis are so pretty.

  3. Congratulations on the 100 :D yayyyyyyy i'd like a nice shabby cushion if i'm the lucky winner thank you :D Linda x

  4. Thank you Caterina! I forgot to give a finishing date for the draw!
    I think 7th March is a good time for me and will give everyone a good chance to see the draw.
    It's fine to ask for a quilt, Caterina, I love to make patchwork!

  5. Hello Gillian! In your blog there are a multitude of wonderful things.
    The choice is really difficult.
    I saw a post of August 20, 2010 where there was a quilt patcwork Victorian.
    It is wonderful. I like the colors pink and blue.
    Thank you for this opportunity. I put the link on my blog
    greetings and kisses

  6. You make me feel uncomfortable, the quilt is a big job!
    if I really had to win, which I'm afraid I do not have too many hopes, I would love a quilt like this ....

    (except the great black and white border, photo ...)
    but I fear it is too demanding, so I repeat that I'm happy with bottles of bath salts! :)))))
    thanks for the date! I'm going to fix the link.
    good day! Caterina

  7. ciao congratulazioni per i tuoi 100 followers ;-) sono felice di partecipare al tuo blog candy le tue creazioni sono così belle... se fossi io la fortuna sarei contenta se scegliessi tu per me perchè qualsiasi cosa sarebbe per me fantastica
    ti ho inserita nella slidebar di kreattiva.blogspot.com ciao rosa.kreattiva

  8. Felicidades por sus 100 seguidores y muchas gracias por su generosidad hacia los que queremos participar en su sorteo.
    Si por casualidad soy la afortunada yo dejo la elección del regalo a su parecer, ¡tenemos tantas cositas que no utilizamos y sin embargo son tan bonitas!. Ahora subo su sorteo a mi blog. Un saludo, Eva

  9. Hola Gillian!!! Felicidades por tus 100 seguidores!! Me gustaria participar en tu sorteo, eso de poder escoger uno mismo su premio es de lo más tentador! La verdad es que tus trabajos son fantásticos y por tanto difícil elección!! A mi me encantan tus colchitas de patchwork! En caso que me tocara me gustaria tener una tuya.
    Te llevo a mi blog.

  10. Hola Gillian, me alegro mucho por tus 100 seguidores y me encantará participar en tu sorteo.
    Pero yo no estoy de acuerdo contigo, creo que tu trabajo es estupendo, muy cuidadoso y de gran gusto.
    A mí personalmente, me encantan tus sales de baño y las últimas cajitas que has hecho. son preciosas. Un beso.

  11. I think your miniatures are interesting and so beautiful. If you are including overseas followers I would love a small bottle or other ornament to set on a shelf.
    If you can't ship to North America that's ok too. Love your blog!

  12. All followers are welcome to join the draw, no matter where you live. I'm very pleased you are following! Gill x

  13. Hello Jill! Giveways are fun, I have not won yet but maby this time.... I really like your shabby chic boxes!

  14. Hello Minimami, do you follow with a different name? I can't see you on my list of followers.

  15. Congratulation and I want to join in your giveaway. I liked the cakes very much.

  16. I Gill,
    I love your Gift Boxes and Matching Wrap with cup cekes!Very lovely!
    I hope to be lucky and win!
    Congrats for the followers!
    I put the banner in my blog!

  17. Enhorabuena por tus seguidores,y para el sorteo cualquier cosa que usted haga estaria bien !

  18. Congrats on all your followers. I love your blog. Please count me in.

  19. Felicidades por tus seguidores tienes unos trabajos preciosos,me gustaría participar
    en tu sorteo.Besos.

  20. Hola Gillian, primero que nada felicidades por tus 100 primeros seguidores, que sean el principio de los muchos y muchos que vas a tener, no sabria que elegir de entre tantas maravillas como tienes, asi que si me tocase te toca a ti elegir cual seria el premio,muchas gracias por tu sorteo pongo el enlace en mi pagina, besos.

  21. Gillian enhorabuena por tus seguidores.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo y cualquier trabajo tuyo seguro que me encantara.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  22. I loke your minis and it's difficult to choose one of your minis. I like so much patchwork and candles.

  23. Congratulations on your 100 followers Gillian! I would be pleased with anything that you make and would love to be a part of the draw!

  24. Dear Gill,

    I just found your blog and you make beautiful minis!! I will be following you for sure from now on...

    Congratulations on your 100 Followers!
    And thank you for the opportunity to win your give away :)
    I would be very happy with anything you like to make for my Shabby Fairy Cottage, But... my little fairy (her name is Aivie) who will be living in that cottage wants me to tell you that she really loves the glitter candles that you've made for christmas! ;)

    Warm hugs from Greece,

  25. First, congratulations on making it to 100 followers! I just experienced the same surprise myself today, so I know the feeling.

    I only just discovered your blog moments ago, and I'm absolutely charmed by your unique miniatures. Everything is beautiful and original-- don't ever doubt that. :) Anyway, if I did win this giveaway, I would love a surprise. Your work is too special to decide what in particular I'd like.

  26. Felicidades por tus seguidores!!
    Y muchisimas gracias por celebrar este sorteo y darnos la oportunidad de participar.
    me apunto.
    un besito y que tengas un buen dia

  27. Hola¡¡ no conocia tu blog y me he metido y me he hecho seguidora tuya. Es precioso¡¡¡.
    Un abrazo desde España.
    Te invito a ver mi blog.

  28. What a lovely blog, and so nice to see some quilts. Can you include me in the give away please? I would like something for my quiltshop kleinevingers.blogspot.com

  29. congratulations on 100! Im new to the world of minis and the world of blogging...I hope one day that my blog is interesting enough to reach the same 100. The things you make are all so beautiful and if I had to choose an item I think what I would like most is some cushions for my dark green couch. Thaankyou for sharing your work :)

  30. ¡Felicidades!! Ya somos 114 seguidores ( ;
    Me dio mucho gusto conocer tu blog y me encantaría participar en tu sorteo ( =
    Ahora lo pongo en mi blog♥

  31. congratulazioni !!! partecipo con gioia al tuo give away :o)

  32. ¡¡Felicidades Gillian!! Tienes un blog precioso, con miniaturas maravillosas. Tus 100 seguidores se van a ver multiplicados muy pronto, seguro. Si fuera la afortunada ganadora de tu sorteo, cualquiera de tus maravillosas creaciones sería bienvenida, pues son todas preciosas. Subo el aviso a mi blog, y también te invito a participar en el sorteo que tengo en marcha por mis 200 seguidores.

  33. Holla Gillian, ante todo felicidades por tus 100 seguidores...pero seguro que seran muchs mas...tus creaciones son muy bonitas y originales...te mando muchos animos para que sigas con tanto entusiasmo¡¡¡ besos.ah....¡¡ y me apunto al sorteo...es indiferente cual sea el premio.,,,,será precioso seguro¡

  34. Hi!
    Congratulation to your followers!
    I want to be a part of your give-away.
    I like your patchwork and shoes.
    I´m have a little shoeshop and i´m going to do a quiltshop soon.

  35. Adoro almofadinhas e colchas e coisas fofinhas.Gosto muito dos seus trabalhos e adoraria participar no give-away, pode ser que tenha muita muita sorte.
    Deixo aqui o meu blog espero que goste.

  36. Congratulations on your 100 followers Gill! Definitely glad,especially if it's helping you to get back into the mini swing of things. :) For entering into your contest, I have to say I love all the stuff you have on here -- but would love one of your quilts! They're just so nice, have yet to get the guts to try one myself yet. lol

  37. Felicidades por tus mas de 100 seguidores¡¡¡¡No conocia tu blog¡¡¡y me alegro haberlo descubierto.Me encantan tus trabajos, si me visitas verás que mi color favorito es el rosa.Por favor cuenta conmigo para el sorteo.Ya me he hecho seguidora tuya.Besos

  38. Congratulations on your 123 folowers Gillian. I would love to join your giveaway and I would be happy to have anything that you make.
    Love, Lara

  39. Hola Gillian, enhorabuena por los más de cien seguidores, tu blog es muy interesante así que creo pronto serán doscientos....
    Tus cajitas son una prerciosidad, las estoy usando para mis minis y quedan estupendas
    Anótame para participar en el sorteo y si me toca a mí, el premio que sea el que quieras enviarme ¡me gusta todo lo que haces y me gustan las sorpresas¡
    Un saludo
    cidisu (aka minisdecris, aka fortunateislandsminis....y en la vida real Cristina)

  40. Gillian a lot of congrats on your followers! Your work is so nice and I would love ti participate in you giveaway and I invited you to participate in my plants giveaway,sweets regards.

  41. Hola¡¡ felicidades por tener tantisimos seguidores.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo e invitarte a ver mi blog.

  42. I would love to be included in your draw! Congrats on your 100 followers!

  43. Congratulations! I am now your follower number 128. It's very generous of you to make a giveaway. Please count me in.

  44. Congratulations on your 100 followers and thanks for your give away.
    Please count me in: I love everything :-)


  46. Enhorabuena por tus seguidores, yo soy una de ellas y me encantaría poder participar en tu sorteo.
    Tienes un blog precioso.
    Besitos Julia

  47. Hi Guillian, congratulations for 100 Followers! I had 100 followers too at this weekend but I didn´t have a guiveaway yet...
    I don´t want to choose anything, it´s up to you, ok?

  48. Hola me encanta tu blog y todos tus trabajos ,,me gustaria participar en el sorteo ,,,y no se que elegir entre tanatas cosas tan bonitas ,,,,pero los zapatitos me encantan ,,,besosss

  49. ciao e congratulazioni sei molto brava!!! se dovessi vincere mi va bene qualsiasi cosa anche se ho visto quel cappellino da dama molto molto carino!speriamo ciao Erika

  50. Congratulations on your 131 followers!
    I would be happy to have anything that you make.Please count me in!

  51. Congratulations for your 100 followers.
    I can't choose anything; your items are wonderful.

  52. FElicidades Gillian por esos más de 100 seguidores ya.
    Me encantaría participar en el sorteo, además me parece super original, que una misma se pueda elegir el regalo.
    En mi caso, si fuese la afortunada, me gustaría cualquier cosita de las que hace, por que todas son una maravilla, se lo dejaría a su elección.
    Voy a anunciar el sorteo en mi blog y hacerme seguidora suya, por que me han gustado mucho sus trabajos.

  53. Muchas Felicidades,no tenia el gusto de conocer el blog y me ha encantado,besoss.Auxi.ahhh se me olvidaba me apunto.

  54. Hola Guillian! Acabo de conocer tu blog y tienes unas cosas preciosas. Ya tienes otra seguidora, y son muchos más de 100 los que tienes, felicidades! Me apunto a ese sorteo, pero si gano, prefiero que lo que me toque lo elijas tu, y sea sorpresa...me encantan las sorpresas!!! Y todo tu trabajo está muy bien hecho. Besos

  55. Congratulations for all your followers!!! Today you´ve one more.

    I´d discovered your blogs and I would like to participate in your giveaway. All the things you made are really cool. But, if I´d to choose something, I love your cakes.

  56. Hola enhorabuena por tus ya 138 seguidores, muchas gracias por el sorteo, la verdad es que no sabría que pedir así que lo dejo a tu elección si soy la afortunada de ganar el sorteo, solo decir que mi color favorito es el azul. Besos. Yolanda.

  57. Luckily I'm still in time :o)) Thank you for this occasion and congrats for your followers, Rosanna

  58. Hola Gillian, felicidades por tus mas de 100 seguidores, los mereces y muchos mas, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, y si me tocase me encantaria cualquier trabajo de los tuyos ya que son magnificos, gracias y besos.

  59. hola gilli que buen sorteo y que idea que nos dejes elejir pero en caso de que fuese la afortunada el trabajo de elejir te lo dejo a ti por que a mi me seria imposible elejir entre tantas cosas bellas un saludo y besos

  60. Hola!! felicidades por todos los seguidores!! No conocia tu blog y tienes cosas muy lindas, me a gustado mucho todo el blog.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo.
    Besos y gracias.
    Por cierto, intente ver tu pagina de ventas en etsy pero no la encuentro...

  61. hola a sido para mi un placer dar con este blog y encima ver que hacen un regalo . un saludo muy fuerte

  62. Ya tienes uan seguidora más, he quedado alucianada con tus trabajos me encantan los endredones que haces esque parecen de tamaño real, que trabajo...
    Un beso y haber si tengo la suerte de tener una obra maestra tuya

  63. Congratulations :) very difficult to choose a prize...
    Gillian, I think that everybody has problems with the shipments to US. I have an Etsy shop too and the last 3 shipments (from December) around 6 weeks to arrive.
    Due to the heightened aviation security because of the mail bombs issue, international shipping could take 3-8 weeks to arrive depends on the customs clearance time of the country.
    In fact Increased security measures delay some mail to the USA. The United States department of Homeland security has increased security measures for items carried on passenger airlines. As a result, mail entering the US from around the world and including the Spain which would normally be sent via passenger aircraft must now travel by other means including ships and cargo planes.

  64. HELLO!!!
    I just adore your great work and art with minis, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog !!!
    So continue with the good work!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us.
    Have a nice day!!
    Beatriz Martin

  65. Congratulations Caterina on so many followers! I made it just in time so please count me in for your give-away drawing. I love your style so I'm keeping my fingers crossed here. Shabby chic is just my taste.
    Huge mini hug!

  66. Oh no!! Sorry Gill, I've already posted a comment but I think I named you Caterina. I'm so sorry!
    *hangs her head in shame*

  67. Felicidades por sus seguidores, yo ya lo era y me encuentro con la sorpresa de un sorteo.
    me gustan mucho sus trabajos.
    Estaré encantada de participar.
    Un abrazo

  68. He olvidado decir lo que me gustaría de regalo, cualquier cosa hecha por usted será estupenda, pero las colchas de patchwork es algo que no sé si podría hacerlo y me encantaría tener una suya.
    Muchas gracias

  69. Gill, I am so glad I found your blog. I am your newest follower and I look forward to reading more and getting to know you. I love finding new blogs. I would love to enter your giveaway and thanks for the chance...your very talented.

  70. Eva, thank you for the information about the shipping to US. At least I can make customers aware of the long wait before they decide to buy and then no one will get stressed - especially me! I shall visit your Etsy shop, I love to discover new things. Gill x

  71. Congratulations on Your 100 + more followers! I am now your unlucky follower number 151 ^_^
    It's very generous of you to make/have this giveaway. Please count me in it!

    Because I can't sew myself, so anything in that category would be wonderful to have.. it would not have to be anything big... (even though I love your quilts and admire them, cause I know I don't have skills to make them)

  72. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta.
    Tines una seguidora más y me encantaría tener la oportunidad de poder participar en el sorteo.
    Besos. Teresa

  73. Congrats to your 100+ followers! I just found your blog -Thanks for the quilt tutorial!. I just visited your etsy shop and gladly found out, that you are not completely without inspiration!
    Please count me in for your drawing and if I should be the lucky winner, something shabby chic with roses would be great! Greetings from Germany!