Friday, January 28, 2011

Do You Remember the 'Disappearing Cookies'?

Back in August last year I wrote about the cookies I was sent that never got to me, well I have to say that the disappearing magic trick has performed well again.

This time it was me that posted minis straight after Christmas and all the way to America. I opened my new Etsy shop and my very first customer bought loads! Sadly for her and most annoyingly for me, she is still waiting for them to arrive.

They were sent in a box, inside a large padded envelope, not so small that it could easily slip behind something and be lost. My return address was clearly written on the reverse.

I wonder how much post in general goes missing and how many miniatures are now owned by some very dishonest people.

I thank my kind customer for waiting so long but I now have to refund her and neither of us are happy.


  1. Oh how horrible. She was probably so excited to receive her goodies. It's really too bad for the both of you. Sometime ago I saw something similar happen to someone else. Funny enough the package arrived months after. Maybe it will eventually find its way to her? Fingers crossed......

  2. Hi Lataina, yes, it is horrible. It would be a lovely surprise if they do turn up one day! I live in hopes.... Gill x

  3. Lamentablemente suele pasar, por suerte no es lo más habitual pero siempre existe el "listo" de turno. Siento lo ocurrido y entiendo vuestra tristeza. Besitos. Olga.

  4. Hola Gillian, me ha ocurrido algo parecido con dos paquetes enviados a USA, los envié hace un mes (afortunadamente certificados) y mis clientas no los han recibido.Es la primera vez que me ocurre y he enviado más de cien compraspor correo.
    El director de la oficina de correos me ha explicado que los paquetes que pesan más de una libra sufren un intensivo control y que los retrasos en la entrega son superiores a dos meses; su recomendación es que si el paquete no se ha recibido al mes del envío, se reclame (en caso de ir certificado, claro)A partir de ahora he decidido no enviar paquetes que pesen una libra o más y lo que envío, certificado.
    Espero que esta información te ayude para tus futuras ventas en Etsy
    cristina (en Etsy "fortunateislandsmini")

  5. Que disgusto ! lo siento mucho ... quizás sea un roblema de control de seguridad para la entrada de paquetes del extranjero lo que causa tanta demora y llegará aunque tarde mucho tiempo ... confio en que sea así.
    Por cierto muy bonitas tus cosas a la venta, Que tengas mucha suerte. Mariajo

  6. sono dispiaciuta per te perchè è già difficile trovare clienti e poi questi disguidi rendono tutto così difficile...
    speriamo che anche se in ritardo tutto arrivi :-D un saluto dall'italia rosa.kreattiva

  7. That is a shame, from what I've seen you make lovely items. Oh, and I thank you for the quilt tutorial -- something I'm just going to have to try! Beautiful work, and I would love to be a part of your giveaway.