Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sofa Bed

Having been tortured at the dentist on Tuesday and having to return tonight I wasn't feeling very happy until the post lady came with a big box!
It was no surprise as I had been waiting impatiently like an excited child because Kaisa was sending a sofa bed she made with her scroll saw as a swap to me.
You must have heard my screams of delight when I saw it, even better than the photos on her blog. She not only sent my sofa bed but a tiny pack of  four pots of yoghurt she has made AND a cupcake preparation board! This was really a surprise! It went straight into the bakery after I took the photos.

My part of the swap is to make bedding for Kaisa to put on her sofa bed. I shall start today!

Thank you so much, Kaisa, you really cheered me up with your lovely miniatures.


  1. Gill, I can just imagine how loud your squeal was! The bed is so fantastic! I love the prep board and the yogurt too! I am looking forward to your bedding now!

  2. What a lucky girl you are to have received such a beautiful bed! Can't wait to see how you dress it. All the gifts are just precious! =)

  3. What a pretty sofa bed! :)
    And the preparation board looks sooo realistic! very lovely.

  4. I love the sofa bed. Waiting to see how you dress it. And the prep board is too cute. You have fun now.

  5. Un sofa precioso.
    La tabla de preparacion es fantastica, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  6. Beautiful sofa. I have like that in our somerhouse.

  7. What a lovely are both very lucky to be receiving each others lovely items.

  8. Hola Guilliam:
    que fantasticas miniaturas son preciosas, y el conjunto de pasteleria es increible ,que cosita tan pequeña
    que las disfrutes guapa!!
    un besito cielo,que tengas un buen dia