Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Tea and Easter Greetings!

The beginning of April is a special time for our family as my daughter celebrates her birthday! This year her husband treated her (and himself) to an extravagant tea in a London hotel where they ate cake until they giggled because they felt so sick! I have made a small scale birthday tea for my lovely daughter.
The beautiful tulips by Cristina -
I also made some Easter lemon bunny slices and then got completely carried away with Easter and made a whole range of goodies.
Easter Cakes, Chocolate Teddies, and bags of Mini Eggs  
Lemon Slices topped with Bunnies, Chocolate Teddy and a Maggie Mae Easter Egg!
'Maggie Mae' is a special little girl I know xx

Easter Chick Cake

Happy Easter everyone, watch out for the Easter Bunny and don't make yourself sick eating all that chocolate!


  1. Gillian, I`m so glad¡ My tulips in those bautiful table...Cakes look really appetizing
    Mi dieta por los suelos¡¡¡¡
    Precioso trabajo y que genial celebración para tu hija y su marido

  2. Thank you for visiting my Blog and your nice coment.
    I love your small scale birthday tea, it looks delicieus !!
    Happy easter to you as well.

    Mini hugs Mieke

  3. Que maravillas de trabajos!
    Feliz cumpleaños para tu hija!
    Un abrazo

  4. Hola Guillian:
    que lindo es todo y que pinta tan espectacular tiene todo.
    me ha costado un rato darme cuenta de si era tamaño real o a escala 1:12, de lo real que parece .
    ¡¡ felicidades es un gran trabajo !!
    un besito guapa,que tengas una feliz pascua.

  5. nice! this is a very attractive scene! many wishes for a happy birthday to your daughter and a dear greeting to you.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Gill, Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! I love the little tea that you have set up! Everything looks delicious. I just glanced at your seaside cottage too. I LOVE it. I don't know how I missed that post. Nice details in it!!

  7. Lovely "tea for two" birthday table. Mouthwatering cakes too.

  8. Muy bonito todo, precioso. Happy Easter. Feliz cumple a tu hija. Come to my blog, please. Besos.

  9. Happy Easter! Your treats look wonderful!

  10. You are so skillfull. I love look at your blog.

    Joyfull Easter!

  11. the birthday table looks wonderful it all looks so real it made my mouth water :)

  12. What a very attractive scene!!!!

  13. The scene is very nice.