Monday, July 18, 2011


Last night I noticed I now have 200 followers!. When I tried to contact no.200 (HILSU) I had to sign up to follow my own blog....... this seems a bit weird, now I have 201 followers.

I'd been contemplating a give away but that usually generates a lot of new followers who don't always follow so I decided to send a gift to my 200th follower to mark the occasion and also the followers who post to me the most.
As you can imagine, I went to bed very late after counting up all the posts each follower makes but it was worth it, the results are very interesting but no surprise to me!

In joint 3rd place are KAISA, MINISDECRIS and LATAINA
In 2nd place is COCKERINA
In 1st place with the most comments sent is....... MARIAJO - Las Cosas de MEAPUNTO!

I want to thank these 5 loyal followers for helping make the first year of my blog a very happy, friendly place to be! If I don't have your address, please email me and I'll send a little gift of thanks.

Thanks to all of you who send me regular messages, I love to hear from you; you make it all worth while.


  1. Congrats to your devoted follower!!! Miniregards,Sonia.

  2. Dear Gill, congratulations on your 200th follower. I'm still missing one follower and then I also have 200 follower. I wonder who it is going to be? You made me curious about that little thank you gift. Now I have to run to the mail box like a little girl again just to see if the parcel has come. How exciting is that :-). Should we arrange a little swap again with my gradel which is missing bedding?

  3. Hello Kaisa, yes, let's do another swap, it'll be fun, the cradle is so sweet, I'd love to make the bedding for you.
    It's exciting to see who will be your 200th! Congratulations. Gill xx

  4. Hello Jill!
    Such a lovely suprise for your loyal followers!Guess, I have to leave a comment every time I pop in here, Your blog is wonderful!

  5. Felicidades por esos 200 seguidores, seguro que si están por aquí es porque tu blog, tus cosas y tú os los merecéis :-) Un beso.

  6. hola Gill¡¡
    felicidades por tus primeros 200 seguidores, dentro de poco 200 mas, jejeje, buenas tus ultimas compras¡¡¡
    Un beso grande.

  7. Hola Guill :
    Has tenido una idea estupenda para celebrar tu sorteo !!
    me parecen muy merecedoras de los regalos !!!
    asi que muchisimas felicidades a Cris ,lataina,Kaisa,Cocrerina y mariajo.
    Gracias Guill por tu generosidad y muchisimas felicidades por tus 201 seguidores !!!
    ¡¡ feliz verano !!

    ** . * . . . . * . * . Un besito
    .. * . (\ *** /) * . * cielo
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . que tengas
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . un buen
    .* . * . /___\ * . . * dia

  8. Congratulations for the followers. I´m your follower, all you make it´s nice. Kisses

  9. I'm very happy to be your reader. Your blog is beautiful and you deserve to have many followers.
    Best wishes.

  10. What a lovely surprise for your most loyal followers & how very kind of you! You have a wonderful blog - it is always a joy to visit! :) x

  11. Felicidades Gill, ya veo 202 seguidores y a seguir aumentando la cifra, tu blog lo merece.
    Un beso

  12. Me ha gustado mucho la forma de realizar su sorteo. Bravo!!! ;)


  13. Congratulations on 200 followers. What a lovely idea. I am looking forward to seeing what they all got lol. Hugs Maria

  14. Felicitaciones por tus primeros 200 seguidores Gill!
    Por cierto Kaisa ya tiene 200 tambien con María Ireland!
    Un abrazo

  15. Congratulations to the winner of No. 200, and thanks to you lot! a gift for me, unexpected! I am happy to be your follower! I always love to go see your news.
    You are a very generous person, and your idea is clever!
    is right to reward the true followers.
    Also, in my blog, spend a lot of people, but few write a comment, and this, I regret a little, is like stepping into my house and not healthy ...
    thank you very much for your gift to me, now I'm curious to see what you send me, but it will be great, thanks a lot!
    You still keep my address? Or you want me to send you an email? let me know.
    kisses, Caterina

  16. Oh how nice!!!! First, let me congratulate you for your 200 followers! =)

    How exciting to be receiving one of your wonderful creations. I know it will be just fabulous whatever it is! I love your blog and especially love it when you post. You make the cutest things and your quilts are amazing!!! I just want to say thank you so much for including me. =)

  17. Congratulations with so many followers and so many who write regulary

  18. Felicidades por esos 200 seguidores y a las fieles comentaristas. Un saludo, Eva

  19. Que sorpresa tan simpática!!! me ha gustado muchisimo la idea de premiar a los comentaristas fieles... pero no pensé nunca , tener un premio por hablar mucho !!!
    Tener ya 200 seguidores es un orgullo, enhorabuena!!! Tu blog y las lindas cosas que tu haces los merecen.

    Desde que te encontré y tuve la gran suerte de recibir en un sorteo un precioso quilt-mini hecho por ti, he sido tu fiel seguidora, pero no imaginé que la más charlatana ... un gran aplauso y mil besos. Mariajo

  20. Ah! Mariajo, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday. Yes, a reward for 'talking'. Usually it is said we woman talk too much so why not make a prize for it? Thank you for showing so much interest in what I do.
    Today I posted the five gifts. It will be interesting to see which package arrives first - and last. One each to Spain (I think first), Gran Canaries, Finland, America and Italy. It's a race for the postmen! Gill x

  21. enhorabuena por los seguidores y por la manera de celebrarlo con los más asiduos, es muy buena idea

  22. As I thought, the race of the postmen was won by Spain, 'Señor Correo'has delivered to Mariajo. I hope the others will also be quick!