Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I made Drinking Glasses from Pens

A few people seem to be very interested in the pens with which I made my drinking glasses.
There are several Chinese Bazaars here in Spain and they sell very cheap pens like 'biros' for about 1€ a pack. These are what I used for my glasses, they are made by 'Corvina'.

Remove the tops then use a small saw to cut across the lid to make a tumbler size glass. Gently sand the edge to make smooth if necessary. You can use an emery board for this. The lids I used have a line around them which was a useful guide for cutting. If you have a mitre block, all the better, it will help to keep the lid still and get a straighter cut.The bottom of my tumblers have small holes in which really don't notice and they can still be filled with a 'drink' using liquid Fimo or similar.
As you can see the bottoms of the pens could also be made into pretty beakers for a child's tea party.

My newest pen purchase is this pack of Rolling Crayons, they cost a bit more at 3.75€ in a Chinese shop but the tops and bottoms are going to make lovely 'glasses'.
Now I need some inspiration as to what I can make with all the other parts of so many pens!
Don't forget to send me a photo of your 'glasses' when you've made them!


  1. Lovely idea!I'll go to my chinese shop to search some pen kit!:-))

  2. I want to try this too...I went to the dollar store to look for pens but they didn't have any like this, have to look somewhere else. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  3. Superidee.... danke!!!

    Liebe Grüße


  4. very nice I hope I can find some here in the USA !!

  5. I think that if the Ministry of Education reads this post, he gets very upset because you destroy the pens, glasses to do with it .. ha ha!
    I really like the glasses of the Chinese pens, now you have 12 different colored glasses all:))
    what to do with the residue? the only thing that comes to my mind, is put cotton thread or wool inside the straw, and create small balls of wool ..... I can not say much, sorry!
    Here it is very hot and high humidity, I hope the weather there for you, is better!
    kisses, Caterina

  6. Love the glasses you made, and I will look at biro differently now.

  7. Que idea más estupenda, gracias por compartirla.

  8. The idea is great. I hope to find these type of pens here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. One has to be creative, and see normal things through new eyes when you are trying to do everything in miniature. When you were young, did you read 'The Borrowers"?

  10. Yes, Gayle I have read the borrowers! For the reason of looking at everything with a 'miniature eye' I called myself 'Make It Small'! I always look and think 'How can I make it small?' Gill x

  11. Ya conocia esa idea. Pero gracias por recordarmela.


  12. Love it!!! I also really like the style of the "would be" tumblers from the crayon pens. =)

  13. Qué buenísima idea! Voy a buscar ahora todos los que tengo por ahí :-)

    Espero verte por mi nuevo blog:

    Un beso

  14. ... and they seem that were born cups! LOL
    Congratulations, you're very creative!
    Best wishes

  15. Estaba buscando vasos de colores para mi cocina y esta es una gran idea, gracias. Un saludo, Eva

  16. Great idea! :D
    Ps: love the title of your blog, tiny things are the best ;)

  17. The tumblers are sooo cute! I think that you have shown a terrific example of thinking 'out side the box' with these! The colors are lovely!


  18. What a beautiful blog you have. I am enchanted by it all.