Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladies Shop Models

I'm not one for dolls as I feel they look fake and make the dollshouse appear as if it's suspended in time. The few I have are more for fun. This doll I bought was very cheap with ugly hands but she has a pretty face so I decided to use her for a shop model and dressed her with some nice undies.

My first and only attempt to make a doll is Annabel! Her face is ugly and badly painted and her head and neck to not join up so she is hidden at the back of the shop modelling a gown.
Have a good weekend,


  1. Poor Annabel ... she did not want to be ugly. LOL
    Hi Gill, I'm just kidding ... I think the dolls cute!

  2. I also do not particularly like the dolls in dolls' houses, sometimes their presence is unobtrusive ... but your in lingerie attracts attention, so sexy ;)
    good Sunday!

  3. Hi Gill,
    Your giveaway arrived me earlier this week. Thank you. It is lovely and I like it very much. I'll make a post when I have time. I'm still not ready with the cradle but as soon my swap for you is ready I'll send it to you. Your new model looks very attractive with her lingerie.

    Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Kaisa

  4. Poor Annabel being called ugly. At least she gets to wear a pretty dress! LOL =)

  5. Would not call poor Annabell ugly....from this point of view :) And I really like your doll´s clothes!
    Tomorrow I can finally get your envelope to the post office. I really hope that your are going to like it!
    Hugs, Sandra

  6. You are all so kind to poor Annabel!
    And thank you Sandra, now I'm really excited, I wonder.....? xx

  7. I don´t wanna take you the surprise, but I can already tell you: it´s NOT a quilt!