Thursday, October 20, 2011

Desperately Need Printer Help!

My new printer has now run out of magenta ink so I've put in the new ink cartridge which is a genuine replacement, not a copy but I keep getting a message telling me the printer doesn't recognise the cartridge!!!!!
I've tried everything, removing it, replacing it, switching off and on again, unplugged it over night and started again but still have the problem! I'm about to throw the printer out the window or kick somebody!!! It won't even let me scan or photocopy.
Does anyone know what I can do? I need HELP!


  1. I know just how you feel Gill. I asked my husband and he said that you may need to re-install the programme for your printer into the computer. I'm always threatening to throw a brick through mine when it refuses to do what I want!! Best of luck.

  2. Gill, if you can comfort, well I just finished today, the black ink.... and not even know how to open the printer, to replace it... :((
    Perhaps the old printers were better, sometimes the technology only serves to complicate the lives of us poor desperate housewives..
    xxx Caterina

  3. Hello Gill, I do not know if it will help, but on your computer, check the printer settings are used to try and select an option that says align cartridges.
    Have you seen the cartridge is in place? is not replaced with the black color?
    I hope to achieve.

  4. Thanks Sandie for asking hubby, I'm ready to try anything.
    Caterina, this is my third printer. My first one stopped printing colour but was a scanner so I kept it to scan and bought a new one for printing colour, then both just wore out so I bought this one that does everything a year ago today so it is just out of guarantee - typical! Gill x

  5. Ines, I will take a look tomorrow, thank you for trying. Can you tell Caterina how to open her printer? Ha ha!!

  6. Ok. If you need more help tell me please.

  7. Oh gill, that's a pain. I wish I could offer up some advice but I'm always clueless when it comes to these things.

  8. Sorry, I´m an idiot in these things. Last time our cartridge was empty, we (hubby!!!) put a new one in and constantly received the message "cartridge is empty". Then we bought another new one and when I started the printer to put the new-new one in, suddenly the "old" cartridge worked...always good for a surprise!

  9. Lo siento mucho Gill, pero no sé cómo ayudarte. Confio en que ya hayas podido resolverlo ... Mariajo

  10. Hola Gill !!
    oh ,cuanto lo siento !!
    yo no entiendo mucho de este problemas pero mi marido me dice !!
    que escribas en Internet todos los problemas que tengas en el google y pongas la marca de la impresora y siempre encuentras la solución !!
    paso a paso !!
    espero serte de utilidad !!

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    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * .cielo
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