Monday, October 24, 2011

A Miniature Birthday Gift!

I have to share this present with you! My friend came this morning, (she's the other member of our miniatures club) and gave me a lovely, detailed, handmade birthday card and a teeny box. Of course I just love teeny boxes because they're bound to hold one of my favourite things - a miniature! The box was beautifully decorated with fabric and ribbon and lined with embossed paper. (As you can tell I'm one of those people that plays with the box rather than the gift!). Anyway, inside was a fabulous, hat made in subtle mauves, decorated with silk ribbon, fairy lace and roses. I loved it and my friend said 'Well you should, it was in your favourites on Etsy'. How brilliant is that? Here is the hat.
It was made by Margot of
I was so amazed to see the hat and learn that Oly had gone and looked at my Etsy favourites, knowing that I'd just love my present!
Later she took me out to lunch, we did a bit of shopping and then back to mine for a 'play' in my work room. It was a lovely way to spend a birthday with my kind and thoughtful friend. Thank you so much Oly x.


  1. Happy birthday Gill. What a lovely gift, the hat is certainly beautiful.
    Mini hugs, Sandie xx

  2. Your birthday!? When was that? Happy birthday!!! It sounds like you had a really nice day. =) The hat is gorgeous. The colors are beautiful.

  3. Felicidades. Un regalo precioso.


  4. Happy Birthday Gil! What a great hat from Margot. Her hats are really wonderful and this one is really beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday, Gill. I am very happy you like the hat, you have a very thoughtful friend in Oly!
    I wish you many more happy miniature days together!

  6. !Que cosa más bonita! nos encanta. un saludo

  7. Oh Gill! Happy belated Birthday to you!
    And what a beautiful gift, first thought was that it perfectly suits to your elegant wonder when it was amongst your favourites,lol. I wish you lots of little wrapped boxes! Sandra

  8. Happy birthday! Fantastic gift.
    Bye Faby

  9. Happy Birthday Gill! And what a beautiful gift you recieved from Oly. And how lucky you are to have a mini friend so close!

  10. Congratulations for the gift, Gill, it is wonderful. :)

  11. Happy birthday! Your gift is a lovely piece of art. Enjoy it with pleasure.
    Wishing many happy returns of this day, Hugs

  12. ¡¡Muchisimas felicidades Gill !!
    por partida doble !!
    primeramente por tu cumpleaños !!
    y por ese maravilloso regalo !!
    me encanta !!
    disfrútalo mucho , porque te lo mereces !!
    gracias por el enlace ,ahora voy a visitarlo !!

    .. * . (\ *** /) * . *Un besito
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * .cielo
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * .que tengas
    .* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

  13. Happy Birthday! The hat is beautiful and with such lovely colours.