Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Often Christmas brings incredible surprises for me and as usual the biggest surprises are the smallest!
An early arrival was a package from Kaisa! Such a kind thought and a beautiful decoration for Christmas. She has made it with four candles and the tiniest of golden cherubs.
 Kaisa loves Tilda! She used Tilda wrapping paper and even a Tilda label - so pretty.
There was also a bar of delicious chocolate! Thank you so very much Kaisa. X

I had four presents from Oly! One was this pretty box of miniature chocolates. She has been looking at my favourites on Etsy, I think!
 And these are amazing! Oly has stitched all these Christmas items! Aren't they fabulous?
Dear Oly, thank you so much. X

Sandra totally surprised me as well! A sweet little box with three perfectly made gifts.

Can you believe this is not a photo of full size mistletoe?
Is it my imagination or can I really smell the spicy potpourri?
Sandra, they're wonderful, thank you so much! X

I've truly been amazed by the generosity of my friends and feel thoroughly spoilt. Now I have to try to find somewhere for all my new miniatures to live - that's a problem I'll enjoy solving!


  1. Beautiful gifts, Gill. Congrats!
    Happy New Year!

  2. :-))....Gill, it´s just peppermint-tea!

  3. Ha ha! Pepermint tea with some added ingredients! I cam see the little slices of orange! Gill x

  4. Beautiful gifts to treasure from wonderful friends.

  5. What beautiful mini gifts! How blessed you are!

    I wanted to welcome you to my miniatures blog giveaway! Here's the link:

    Happy holidays! Jennifer

  6. Hi Gill! Thanks for entering my giveaway and posting it on your blog! Google Friend Connect must be acting up, because it's not showing you as a follower yet. Could you please try it again here (on my right-hand sidebar): Thanks a bunch! :-)

  7. Dear Gillian, so glad you are back, and had a wonderful Christmas. The tiny treasures are so sweet. Such great friends. I have replied to your email. Have a great day, xoxo FaeWee Blessings, Christel

  8. Just wonderful gifts! Lucky you!

  9. Just wonderful gifts! Lucky you!

  10. Hi Gill, wanted to stop by and say I'm glad you're joining in the 366 donate/toss challenge! I'm really looking forward to reaching my goal and can't wait to finish up work so I can go hunting for things to add to my pile.

  11. So many lovely little objects. I love the angel Christmas decoration. I have one in real life scale and it goes around when the candles are lit. So much fun. Hugs, LJ

  12. what a beautiful gifts, you are a lucky ladie!
    * marlies