Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Trying to Conquer Polymer Clay

Last Tuesday, at Dollshouse Club Oly and I got out our polymer clay.
Despite mixing a tiny amount of polymer clay to make just enough Turkish Delight to fill one box, I ended up filling two boxes - then a doily - and then a tray - and I still have a pile left over!
Polymer clay crafters have my deepest respect. How they must stoically persevere until they produce miniatures of perfection!
Once my lemon Turkish Delight became too 'yellow' and the icing sugar resembled dessicated coconut I was ready to put it all away in the box for another 6 months.
Oly and I always say 'Never mind, it can go to the back'. We have a lot of our creations at the back - our front shelves empty!
Yesterday I returned to something I feel more confident with and made some new boxes for my Tea Rooms.

It'll soon be Christmas! I hope your preparations are going well.


  1. Dear Gill,
    You've been very brave. I think your Turkish Delight came out great! I do have some polymer clay too in my craft corner but I don't find it very easy to work with. However your little cupcakes boxes look perfect as usual.

    Best christmas whishes to you and Oly,

  2. Muy bonitas y diferentes estas cajitas navideñas
    Feliz Navidad!!!

  3. Your turkish delights look great, especially in the round boxes. I love your boxes. Wanted to post about your gift to me but was unable to transfer pictures from my email. Dealing with computer techs. is confusing. Thanks.

  4. I think your Turkish Dekight looks just fine! So nicely displayed in your boxes... And it is so true that when you start making something like that, you end up with enough to last a lifetime.

  5. Oh! Gill, your desserts are so tempting, I find them beautiful, as well as the boxes!

  6. OPS ... I forgot to say that your package has arrived safely at their destination .. thank you! :D

  7. I love Turkish Delight and yours looks good enough to eat. Did you use talcum powder for the icing? I also love the little boxes, so sweet. Happy Christmas!

  8. You have all been very kind about my Turkish Delight - maybe it looks good enough to eat after all! Sandie, I used chalk for the icing sugar, maybe talc would be better. Gill x

  9. Dear Gill, as you know, I do work only with polymer clay, and in my opinion, you have done great here! no worries, you are doing wonderful! beautiful little boxes, and cakes xoxo Christel

  10. Gill, your Turkish Delight looks great! Your boxes are really cute too! Great job!

  11. The Turkish Delights are yummy. They look so beautiful in the nice boxes.
    Hugs from Craftland

  12. ¡¡¡¡¡Precioso!!!! eres la reina de los detalles. Me encanta. Un beso.

  13. Gill, are you kidding me! They look wonderful! the boxes precious as always. =)

    I'm back to having an empty house and trying to get back into the swing of things, and catching up on blogs. I have a looooong way to =)

  14. Cada vez haces cosas mas bonitas !!
    tu paqueteria es perfecta sobre todo por sus pequeñas dimensiones !!
    eres una artista Guill !!

    ** . * . . . . * . * . Un besito
    .. * . (\ *** /) * . * cielo
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . que tengas
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . un buen
    .* . * . /___\ * . . * dia