Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cushions Galore!

Wow, there is life after cushions!
Today I had a break from them and made some more cupcakes, just for a change.
The popularity of my cushions took me unawares and my little Etsy shop has been bursting with customers.
Originally I opened my Etsy shop to sell the excess miniatures I make that I can't use myself but now I get so many orders for more and more cushions I don't get time to make anything else!

 It could be said that I'm a victim of my success - ha ha!
I'm really not complaining, I'm amazed and so happy of course that people love my cushions but now I really don't want to make any more for a while.
So, although I'm not the best at Fimo I've made a million cupcakes and I've found some new stuff that makes fairly good icing. Hopefully they'll be good enough to show you. Meanwhile here are some more cushions!


  1. I love to make cushions too!!! Big and small!!! I love your cushions, they are so lovely!!! Think:Success, here I go!!!!

  2. ha ha! dear friend, I took a look at your store out of curiosity .. possible that you've done so many pillows? they are very pretty, but I totally understand that you are a little tired of it!
    On the other hand, how to say no to so many orders? What to do? is the price one pays for success .. :)
    I am happy for you, of course!
    and now, I want to see your cupcakes!
    big hugs!
    xxx Caterina

  3. I also love to make cushions. Yours are gorgeous so no surprise that they sell so well :)
    Hugs Maria

  4. Love all of the cushions Gill! So tiny, so lovely! xoxo Christel

  5. Your cushions are amazing.
    Bye Faby

  6. Tus cojines son una preciosidad, me gustan mucho, bueno como todo lo que sale de tus manos.

  7. I saw your cushions on your etsy, they are very lovely! I'm looking for some blue (not to baby blue) ones or brownish! :D
    * marlies

  8. Oh Gill, they're so precious! I hadn't seen some of these designs. LOOOOOOOVE!!!! Looking forward to seeing the cupcakes. =)