Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anne's House

Reading Genevieve's blog one day I admired some little paper houses she'd made from kits by Anne Hoskins.I just had to buy some but I only kept one for myself as I haven't much space to display them. I gave two to Oly and we had a great 'dollshouse club' day making them. They are so well designed and they make up perfectly. We decorated the garden area with Flower Soft and they look fabulous!
This is the front of mine
And the back
I think you'll agree, they're lovely!
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. So cute! I´ve been admiring them already on Oly´s blog. Where are you going to display them???

  2. I'm so happy seeing someone else having and liking these little houses. I bought one more and 2 paper dolls. I haven't had time yet to do something with them for my blog.

  3. I admire the paper house. Hugs Kati

  4. The little paper house is so cute!

  5. Wow Gill, these will surely be all the rage! I love these tiny houses, the wandering vines do it for me..I am a country girl. xoxox Christel