Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interior Design Shop Front

Going back a few years - to 1992 - I made this shop as a club project. We built our room boxes from wood and then decorated and filled them. There was a huge assortment of shops; toys, grocers, china store, sweet shops and even an undertaker's! Mine has battery powered lights with the battery holder behind the front door in the fake entrance.
It was fun to make furnishing fabrics and rolls of wallpaper, matching roller blind and my first frilled cushion.

 This photo has a little glare on the glass but you can just see my little rabbit patchwork cushion.
 This has been displayed for 20 years and has travelled to four different homes with me. It was the easiest of my houses to move!
I hope your week is going brilliantly!


  1. It's fabulous Gill!
    Is there ever a time you weren't creating wonderful mini's?! Lol!
    I love the little frilled cushion & matching blind, just beautiful!
    Hugs to you! x

    1. Thank you Helen! I've made minis since I was a child. First plasticine which sadly couldn't be kept. I used to sew with felt and used self hardening clay and card. I progressed over the years as the materials did. Thank you for all the comments you leave, I really appreciate them. x

  2. Es preciosa, y para nada parece que tiene 20 aƱos!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s

  3. Gosh Gillian, everything is always SO perfect! I'm jealous...I made two room boxes to take pictures of my dolls in, but they are not NEARLY as beautiful, and perfect as your tiny wonder! Your talents for tiny, are huge! xoxo Christel

  4. Que preciosidad!!!! Te a quedado estupendo. Me gusta muchisimo!!!!!El corazon es muy bonito. Besos.

  5. Your room is brilliant piece of art which you have made with wooden and the way you have filled with small pretty thing , just a fabulous and marvels piece ,which can ever remember to me I like it very much .

    Landscape designs

  6. Oh!!! Lovely lovely this work!!

  7. Hello
    wWen you create the store, did you do something that reached long into the future. It's completely up to date.

  8. Gill this little shop is wonderful. I love all the beautiful details.
    Hugs Maria

  9. It's fantastic! I like the structure and the items displayed in the window.
    Kiss Faby

  10. Que bonita entrada!!!! Las letras te han quedado perfectas,una tienda preciosa!!!!!