Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zips, Art Dolls and - Christmas?

Another buy from a few years ago which I just found amongst my hoard of useful stash in my most embarrasing, messy drawer were these pressed metal zips which I bought from The Dollshouse Mall
Glue each one onto a piece of ribbon for quite an effective look in a work basket or hung on a card with your haberdashery. Here they are on a real size zip.
 Oly and I did wander off subject for a while during the summer as we were excited about trying to make some cloth art dolls. Oly has made several for gifts and they get better and better as she goes. My first attempt is ok and I'm giving her to my friend who collects fairies. Here is Titania from the book by Jan Horrox.

She was fun to make and a relief from the intensity of making miniatures. Now I'm working on another doll; this one is to be a gift for my mother! She's called Gertrude and she's one of the 'Slightly Weathered Ladies' by Jill Maas. Excuse the nudity!
Now, I'm planning Christmas, can you believe?!! Kaisa has asked me to swap an Advent Calendar with her. I'm really looking forward to choosing all the little things for her to open.
Christmas seems a long way off from here - we have yet another beautiful, sunshiny day!
Thanks for calling in,


  1. Hi Gill,
    Your zips are super. Thanks for the link.
    X-mas plans? Wow I am always very slowly...but I like your dolls.

  2. Your dolls are beautiful. Your fairy doll is wonderful. The zips are amazing thank you for the link.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Your zips are fabulous!
    Kiss Faby

  4. Your dolls are great fun, and I love the zippers.

  5. What a beautiful doll Gill - really wonderful!
    Cute little zips too! x

  6. I can hardly believe how the zippers are small!
    In the blink it's Christmas!
    The doll was amazing! I hope to see Gertrude dressed. ;)